Tigris to roar from April 19

Tampa, Florida, USA

Busch Gardens Tampa will officially open Tigris, a triple-launch steel roller coaster, on Friday April 19th, just in time for the Easter weekend. Sending riders head over heels some 150-foot (46m) in the air, the new attraction is Florida’s tallest launch coaster and the ninth coaster in the park’s collection, solidifying it as the state’s thrill-ride leader.
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Wizarding World Coaster revealed

Orlando, Florida, USA

After almost two years of construction, Islands of Adventure finally reveals the new attraction coming to its Wizarding World section: Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. This heavily themed coaster will open on June 13, 2019. It replaces Dragon Challenge (formerly Duelling Dragons), which was demolished in 2017. Click the headline for more information


Maurer Spinner for Adventureland

Altoona, Iowa, USA

Adventureland near Des Moines, Iowa announced the addition of The Phoenix, a Maurer Rides Spinning Coaster, for the 2019 season. According to park spokesperson Molly Vincent, the coaster will be over 50 feet (15m) tall and reach a top speed of 40 mph (64 km/h) leading to speculation that it will be a SC2000 model. Click the headline for more information


Skywarp for SeaWorld San Diego in 2019

San Diego, California, USA

SeaWorld San Diego confirmed that they will be getting a Skyline Attractions Skywarp called Tidal Twister in 2019. Unlike Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster, a standard Skywarp model that opened at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom this summer, this will be the Horizon variation – making it the first of its kind and only the second Skywarp to be built. Click the headline for more information


New 2019 Coaster for Kentucky Kingdom

Louisville, Kentucky, USA

In celebration of its 30th anniversary, Kentucky Kingdom announced a new Gravity Group out-and-back family wooden coaster will open in 2019. Kentucky Flyer will feature a 52° 45 foot (14m) tall drop, 54° banked turns, 12 airtime elements, and a top speed of 35 mph (56 km/h) along 1,280 feet (390m) of track. Click the headline for more information


Nagashima Spa Land names new RMC

Nagashima, Kuwana, Mie, Japan

Nagashima Spa Land has named the RMC (Rocky Mountain Construction) I-Box track conversion of the park’s former White Cyclone wooden coaster Hakugei, which translates to White Whale. The steel hybrid coaster is scheduled to open in March 2019 and will feature a 180.4 foot (55m) 80° drop and three inversions. Click the headline for more information


Two new attractions for Williamsburg

Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

Busch Gardens Williamsburg announced that both their theme and water park will be getting new attractions in 2019. Coming to the Ireland themed area within the park is Finnegan’s Flyer, a pair of S&S Worldwide’s Screamin’ Swings, while Water Country USA will receive a new slide called the Cutback Water Coaster. Click the headline for more information


Carowinds gets snake bitten

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Carowinds announced Copperhead Strike, a new Mack Rides double launch coaster coming to the park in 2019. It gets its name from the track layout that consists of a series of fast, tight, close-to-the-ground maneuvers. The coaster also features five head-over-heels inversions during its two and a half minute ride. Click the headline for more information and videos


Six Flags announces 2019 attractions

Grand Prairie, Texas, USA

Six Flags announced the lineup of new attractions coming to each of the the chain’s parks in 2019. Ranging from roller coasters to water slides to new kiddie areas with family friendly rides, this is by far the largest group of new additions the chain has made due to the acquisition of five new properties earlier this year. Click the headline for a full listing and videos of the attractions


Record-breaking drop tower for Hansa

Sierksdorf, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Hansa Park announced Highlander, a gyro drop tower manufactured by Funtime GmbH, will open in 2019. With a height of 394 feet (120m), it will be the tallest freestanding drop tower in the world, and the third tallest overall. Highlander’s seats will be built to tilt, so riders drop down face first. Click the headline for more information and watch the announcement video