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I’d like to use a CoasterForce video, or dispute a YouTube copyright claim.

To request the use of CoasterForce videos, or to dispute YouTube copyright claims, please contact Jerry Hawkins,

What time does a park open? How much is a ticket? What rides are available today?

We don’t have this information. Please look at the park’s website and social media. Contact the park directly if you have a question about a park’s operation. Use Google to find the park’s contact information.

Can I work for you?

CoasterForce doesn’t employ anybody. We are run by a team of enthusiastic volunteers who love theme parks and thrill rides, and want to share them with the world. Roles are only offered to established and trusted CoasterForce forum members.

Can I buy a ride from you?

CoasterForce is not a ride manufacturer. We do not make or sell rides. You need to contact the different ride manufacturers directly. We’ve a list of the most popular coaster manufacturers here, for everything else, check out the IAAPA website.

How do I become a roller coaster designer?

It’s a tough industry to get in, so it may not happen overnight. Most designers start their career working for a ride maker and learn “on the job”. You’ll need a grasp of engineering, an imagination, and obviously some kind of thrill ride experience. Your best bet is to contact different ride manufacturers to see if they have vacancies.

Can you promote my amusement park and film my rides?

We’d love to! Please contact Ian Bell ( and Jerry Hawkins ( to discuss.

Media Interview Requests

Our knowledgeable team is available for honest and unbiased reviews, interviews and information. CoasterForce has nearly 20 years experience of live/recorded interviews and newspaper articles.

If the media request is urgent, please call Ian Bell, on +44(0)7787 573565 (UK cellphone). Alternatively, please email

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