Anything written here shouldn’t spoil your enjoyment of CF, but some things need to be said.


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Although we try our best to get things right, there may be some things that are not correct. The content in the informational and news items are written to the best of our knowledge using personal experience as well as many external sources for clarification.

Please be aware that the authors of any news item or articles on CoasterForce are free to offer their own personal opinion in the text, which may differ from yours or a theme park’s opinion. This also includes the comments/reviews written by CoasterForce members for individual parks, rides, news items, and articles.
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A CoasterForce Live is an organized meeting of CoasterForce members, their friends, and family at theme parks throughout the world.

CoasterForce’s role is the organizer and organizer alone. CoasterForce will supply the time, date, and location of the meet-up.

It is the attendee’s responsibility to make their own way to and from the theme park, pay any entrance fees, arrange and pay for accommodation, provide their own food, and buy any souvenirs.

If it is a “pre-book event” and advanced payment is required for tickets, transport or park perks, instructions will be issued by email with payment deadlines before any financial transaction takes place. By paying for a “pre-book event”, you agree that refunds may not be issued after the deadline(s) if the event is cancelled or changed due to extreme circumstances outside of CoasterForce’s control or if you are subsequently unable to attend the event. If the theme park executes it’s right to enforce their own policies or safety regulations which may alter the event, CoasterForce will seek an arrangement with the park for compensation, and pass on any refunds, partial or otherwise, accordingly. Any refunds that are issued may take up to 28 days to process.

CoasterForce, or its management, cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage, personal injury, or expense caused as a result of attending a CoasterForce Live. It is the attendee’s responsibility to look after their own property, health and well-being. CoasterForce actively encourages any attendee under the age of 18 years to be accompanied by a known responsible adult, and inform their parents/guardian that they are attending and who they are meeting with.

CoasterForce and its management request that all attendees to a CoasterForce Live abide by all park rules, regulations and instructions issued by the park and their staff. CoasterForce cannot be liable for any actions by any attendee(s) who disobeys the instructions given by park management or ride operators. Any inappropriate behavior which could reflect negatively on CoasterForce will result in you being asked to leave the group, as well as a ban from attending future CF Lives and an IP ban from www.coasterforce.com. Also, please leave any personal differences you may have with other members at home; we want the Live to be as fun and enjoyable as possible. Respect for other members attending is paramount.

CoasterForce can not guarantee the park, or all the rides, will be open on the day of a CoasterForce Live and cannot be held responsible. CoasterForce also reserves the right to change the date, location or perks of a CF Live without notice or reason, and cannot be held financially liable for costs you may have incurred.

You may be filmed or photographed at a CF Live event and by attending you give your permission for any media containing your image, actions or voice to be published on CoasterForce, and its associated social media channels, for any reason.


You might have noticed on CoasterForce, links to other web sites. These links will be to official park/ride web sites or unofficial fan web sites. CoasterForce cannot be held responsible for the content of any external web site. CoasterForce is not in any way associated with the web sites it chooses to link to, except for the convenience or use to the CoasterForce user.

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There are many interactive features on CoasterForce and to make sure you get the best out of them, please take the following guidelines into account.


Occasionally CoasterForce will give away prizes on it’s website and social media channels. Unless specified, all competitions and prizes are offered independently from the park that the prize might be associated with, and are not endorsed by the associated park. CoasterForce will send prizes through the postal service so please allow up to 28 days for delivery. CoasterForce will not accept any liability for items lost, delayed or damaged whilst in transit. CoasterForce will pay for the postage at the point of mailing in the USA or UK. Any additional import or custom charges will be borne by the recipient. No cash equivalent or alternatives will be offered. CoasterForce reserves the right to withdraw or change the prize or competition rules at any time. CoasterForce’s decision is final.


Please avoid doing the following…

  • Spamming – Posting remarks that do not add to the discussion or contribute effectively – posting crap in other words. Avoid one word posts.
  • Swearing
  • Using Poor Grammar & Spelling – Please type words out correctly and don’t use short hand or text-speak. It looks untidy and makes you look thick.
  • Disrespecting Others – Ok, they might not agree with you but it’s their opinion. Let them have it, however wrong it is!
  • Posting pornography – Unless you class roller coasters at filthy, dirty sluts…
  • Double Posting – Don’t get annoyed and post again if nobody has replied to your last post. Be patient!
  • Necroposting – This is where old topics are revived. If the topic has not been posted in for six months, start a new one.
  • Moderation – Leave all moderating to the CF-Team. If you spot something that a Team Member hasn’t noticed, please PM one of them. Please do not post to moderate on the CF Team’s behalf.

Before you post a new topic, make sure you have selected the correct forum by reading the forum descriptions.

Use the search function to ensure that your new topic is not the same or too similar to an existing topic. Multiple topics on the same subject will be locked or removed.

When quoting a news item from another web site or source, you must link to the original article.


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The CF Team will do their best to enforce these rules as fairly as possible so CoasterForce remains a good place to visit. A Team Member may send you a PM (Personal Message) from time to time to remind you about these guidelines and if you make no effort to improve, they have the power to IP ban you from using CoasterForce.

CoasterForce Team Members reserve the right to ban any member, remove/edit any comment, forum post, article or trip blog as well as editing any profile as they deem fit, with, or without, reason or cause. The idea is to make sure CF is a well presented place for people to visit and trust.

Banning periods are determined by the CF-Team taking all contributing factors into consideration.

Any further questions about CoasterForce should be posted in the ‘Team Talk’ forum, or email ian@coasterforce.com.