Star Flyer, Parko Paliatso, Ayia Napa, Cyprus

A 44-year-old mother and her 7-year-old son were ejected from the 180 foot (55m) tall aerial chair-swing when parts of their seat tore off, due to their chair hitting a nearby ride after reportedly going too fast on too wide an angle. The boy suffered an exposed fracture on his right leg, while his mother lacerated her left knee, broke her right hand and suffered concussion. Source

Twister, Virgin of Santa Ana Fair, Pacueco, Mexico

A four-year-old girl died after falling 32 feet (10m) from the Sartori Rides magic carpet style ride. The child sat in her mother’s lap when the toddler slipped from her arms and fell from the moving ride to the pavement below. Source (in Spanish)

Police tape off ride as investigation into incident gets underway.

Ride the Ducks, Branson, Missouri, USA

A duck boat carrying 31 people took on too much water and capsized during stormy weather, killing 17 people. Nine of the victims were family members, including an infant. Winds at the time were blowing as hard as 65 mph (104.5 km/h), according to the National Weather Service. Source (with video news report)