Log Flume, Castle Park, Riverside, California, USA

A family of three was thrown from the log flume ride when a pump malfunctioned, preventing the flow of water onto the track. The log descended from one of the drops and there wasn’t enough water to slow it down causing the log to overturn, ejecting the family. The mother was hospitalized in critical condition, while the father and 10-year-old son were treated for minor injuries. Source (w/video)

Star Flyer, Parko Paliatso, Ayia Napa, Cyprus

A 44-year-old mother and her 7-year-old son were ejected from the 180 foot (55 m) tall aerial chair-swing when parts of their seat tore off, due to their chair hitting a nearby ride after reportedly going too fast on too wide an angle. The boy suffered an exposed fracture on his right leg, while his mother lacerated her left knee, broke her right hand and suffered concussion. Source

El Loco, Adventuredome, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

A woman, who is a double-amputee, was injured after she fell from the S&S El Loco coaster in the Circus Circus Hotel & Casino. Source