Dragon Challenge, Islands of Adventure, Florida, USA

Only weeks later after a similar incident, another rider was hit by a mystery object on the coaster. This time they reported being hit in the foot, arm and face which drew blood. Following the two incidents, Dragon Challenge will never duel again. Source

Dragon Challenge, Islands of Adventure, Florida, USA

A man riding on the front row of one of the two dueling Dragon Challenge coasters was hit in the eye by a mystery object, presumed to be a loose article dropped by a rider on the other roller coaster.  Source

Excalibur II, Camelot, Lancashire, UK

A 12-year-old boy suffered serious but not life threatening injuries when he fell from the ride. Source

Ride of Steel, Darien Lake, New York, USA

A 29-year-old man fell out of the coaster and died. The rider was a war veteran and double leg amputee. Source

High Roller, Lostock Hall Carnival, Lancashire, UK

A girl suffered serious injuries including a fractured pelvis when she was thrown from the end seat of the ride. The owner was found to be at fault, after not adhering to a safety notice to close or modify the end seats.

Black Mamba, Phantasialand, Brühl, Germany

A 48-year-old man suffered a heart attack mid-ride and was dead when the coaster train returned to the station. Source