Abandoned Berlin park to return?

Berlin, Berlin, Germany

A German company that offers urban activities say they are working to revive the abandoned Spreepark amusement park as a meeting, cultural and recreation space. The park originally opened in 1969 before the fall of the Berlin Wall and was completely rebuilt before closing in 2001. Click the headline for more information


Piraten in Batavia opens after fire

Rust, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

The Piraten in Batavia dark water ride reopened after a huge fire destroyed it, as well as most of the Holland and Sweden themed areas of the park, in 2018. The new 1.7 acre (7,000m²) indoor boat tour features 88 animatronic pirate characters, eight of which survived and were restored from the original ride. Click the headline for more information


Pop-Up parks to replace German funfairs

Düsseldorf, NR-Westphalia, Germany

The Düsselland pop-up amusement park will be replacing the RheinKirmes, Germany’s third largest funfair that was cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Starting June 26th guest will be able to enjoy over 20 rides, including the Alpina roller coaster, as well as the usual snack and sweets vendors. Click the headline for more information


Skyline Park ditches Dragster

Bad Wörishofen, Bavaria, Germany

Skyline Park is getting rid of Sky Dragster, the park’s Maurer Rides Spike coaster that opened in June, 2017. The park decided to call it quits and remove the prototype motorbike ride after three years of operational difficulties, suffering from more down time than up. Good luck to Carnival Cruise Lines. Click the headline for more information


Wilde Hilde opens at Schwaben Park

Kaisersbach, Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany

After minor delays testing and fine tuning the ride, Wilde Hilde opened at Schwaben Park. The Roller Ball coaster by RES (Ride Engineers Switzerland) is similar to an Intamin Zac-Spin coaster and is the first of its kind and the first coaster built by the company that specializes in flat rides and water rides. Click the headline for more information


Record-breaking drop tower for Hansa

Sierksdorf, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Hansa Park announced Highlander, a gyro drop tower manufactured by Funtime GmbH, will open in 2019. With a height of 394 feet (120m), it will be the tallest freestanding drop tower in the world, and the third tallest overall. Highlander’s seats will be built to tilt, so riders drop down face first. Click the headline for more information and watch the announcement video