Walibi Holland halts Fright Nights

Biddinghuizen, Flevoland, Netherlands

Walibi Holland have canceled their Halloween Fright Nights event this year and are ending the park’s season ahead of schedule. Technical failures on the event’s opening night and increased coronavirus infections in the community were cited as reasons for the early shutdown. Click the headline for more information


Fēnix opens at Toverland

Sevenum, Limburg, Netherlands

Attractiepark Toverland opened Fēnix, their new €17 million Bolliger & Mabillard wing coaster and the park’s largest single attraction investment. Standing 131 feet (40m) tall, with a top speed of 59 mph (95 km/h), Fēnix features three inversions: a dive drop, an Immelmann and a zero-g roll as well as plenty of near misses in a gorgeous setting. Click the headline for more information


Gold Rush opens at Attractiepark Slagharen

Slagharen, Overijssel, Netherlands

Attractiepark Slagharen opened Gold Rush, the park’s new Gerstlauer triple LSM launch coaster today. Using a shuttle style launch where the train goes forward and backward and forward again through the station, the coaster reaches a top speed of 56 mph (90 km/h). At an estimated $5.3 million (€5 million) cost, the coaster also features two inversions – a dive loop and a first-of-its-kind sling loop. Gold Rush replaced Thunder Loop, the park’s classic Schwarzkopf Looping Star coaster that operated from 1979-2016. Click the headline for more information