6 coasters under 100 ft that really pack a punch!

Size doesn’t matter in the world of roller coasters. It’s what the park does it with it that counts. There are hundreds of awesome coasters that are less than 100 ft (30.48 metres) tall but some of them are really awesome. Here are six of the best!


Piraten at Djurs Sommerland

Piraten at Djurs Sommarland, Denmark, always takes riders by surprise. How can a coaster that looks so innocent leave riders wide-eyed and begging for another go? It’s all about the design. Roller coaster manufacturer Intamin are probably best known for their massive, record breaking coasters such as Top Thrill Dragster and Kingda Ka, but they also make a family coaster that is packed with thrills. The Mega Lite coaster type is full of turns close to the ground, beautiful airtime hills and superb pacing. Piraten is currently the only Mega Lite in the Western world.


White Lightning at Fun Spot America

White Lightning underlines the word “fun” in the park’s name. Fun Spot America struck gold in 2013 when they opened this little beauty. At the time of writing, it is the only operating wooden roller coaster in Orlando. Technically it’s a Hybrid Coaster because it has a steel frame, but let’s not split hairs. The thrills start straight after the first drop with some loads of sexy twists and and several sweet airtime hills. It really hits the Fun Spot!


Spongebob Square Pants: Rock Bottom Plunge at Mall of America

Indoor coasters always feel slightly more intense because the sound bounces off nearby walls and structures, which makes this Gerstlauer Eurofighter coaster feel so much better than some of its cousins. The 97 degree first drop and two inversions are almost overshadowed by the feeling that riders are about to crash through the Mall of America‘s ceiling windows!


Black Mamba at Phantasialand

About two-thirds of Black Mamba at Phantasialand, Germany, is built below ground level so riders are constantly being flung around a tight terrain with loads of near misses, which makes the ride feel faster than what it actually is. At nearly 50 mph (80 kph), this B&M Inverted Coaster with four inversions is the most ‘extreme’ coaster in our list. To dampen the noise, the track is filled with sand so the relative quietness of this coaster means riders focus almost completely on the movement. And you will be moved!


Wild Mouse at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Wild Mouse at Blackpool Pleasure Beach is the oldest coaster in our list but maturity can be a good thing! Wild Mouse draws some similarities with modern day Wild Mouse coasters, such as the sharp turns and the small, yet steep drops, but there are several aspects about this particular one that makes it special. Not only do the cars zip around the wooden structure creating plenty of head chopping moments, but the cars deliberatively tilt as they travel through the sharp turns. Throw in the classic sound this coaster makes (seriously, listen to it. It’s unlike any other coaster you’ll ever hear!) and you’ll see why this coaster is a true gem. A must ride.


Lynet at Farup Sommerland

Back to Denmark for our last coaster in this feature. Lynet at Farup Sommerland blows riders away right from the start. After a small drop out of the station, riders are smoothly launched up to nearly 50 mph before it head son it’s fun and compact journey featuring a few airtime hills, steep drops and two inversions. “Lynet” is Danish for “Lightning” and it’s shocking how thrilling a coaster less than 66ft (about 20 metres) tall can be!

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Compiled by Serena Cherry, written by Ian Bell.