Orlando Free Fall, ICON Park, Florida, USA

A 14-year-old boy plummeted to his death from the “world’s tallest freestanding drop tower” when he was forced from under his seat’s over-the-shoulder-restraint, about 3/4 the way down the 430 feet (131 m) attraction, as the ride’s auto-magnetic brakes were engaged. Source

Vertigo, St. David Catholic Church Carnival, Davie, Florida

A carnival worker was hospitalized after falling from the tower of the transportable aerial swing ride. The victim was approximately halfway up the 95 feet (29 m) tower when a co-worker mistakenly pushed a button on the ride’s control panel that moved a large chair swing frame down onto the victim’s arm, causing him to fall. Source

Tagada, Galliate Street Fair, Novara, Italy

A 15-year-old girl died after she was ejected from the spinning disc attraction, where riders sit around the edge and are free to move around as it spins and bounces up and down (see video). She was thrown from the moving ride before hitting a nearby tree, receiving blunt force injuries to her head. Source (in Italian)