New Spin Shot Tower from S&S

Logan, Utah, USA

S&S – Sansei Technologies announced their new Spin Shot Tower that takes the 4D Free Spin coaster seat and adds it to their drop tower ride. Custom ride profiles can be programmed to orient the rider, face-up, face-down or upside down during the ride sequence and it can be retrofitted on any S&S tower. Click the headline for more information


Record-breaking drop tower for Hansa

Sierksdorf, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Hansa Park announced Highlander, a gyro drop tower manufactured by Funtime GmbH, will open in 2019. With a height of 394 feet (120m), it will be the tallest freestanding drop tower in the world, and the third tallest overall. Highlander’s seats will be built to tilt, so riders drop down face first. Click the headline for more information and watch the announcement video


Gröna Lund’s Ikaros building permit denied

Stockholm, Sweden

The building permit for Ikaros, Gröna Lund’s new 312 foot (95m) tall Intamin Sky Jump drop tower that is scheduled to open in April 2017, has been denied. The Land and Environmental Court stated that the building application for the amusement park contained insufficient information about the impact of the new attraction on the environment. Click the headline for more information