Texas Stingray for SeaWorld San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas, USA

SeaWorld San Antonio held a press conference for Texas Stingray, a GCI (Great Coasters International) traditional wooden roller coaster opening in the park next Spring. The park’s first wooden coaster will be the tallest, fastest and longest wooden coaster in the Lone Star state. It will also be GCI’s first new coaster built in North America since 2017. Click the headline for more information


SeaWorld Orlando Breaking Ice in 2020

Orlando, Florida, USA

At the same time that Busch Gardens Tampa held their press conference, SeaWorld Orlando announced details of their new for 2020 Premier Rides quadruple launch roller coaster called Ice Breaker. Not only is this the park’s first launched coaster, it’s also the first custom variation of the popular Premier Rides Sky Rocket II models. Click the headline for more information


Gwazi conversion details announced

Tampa, Florida, USA

Busch Gardens Tampa confirmed that their new for 2020 RMC hybrid conversion of the Gwazi wooden coasters will no longer duel and be named Iron Gwazi. The coaster will be North America’s tallest as well as the world’s fastest and steepest hybrid coaster. The records include a 206 feet tall (63m) lift hill with a 91° drop and a top speed of 76 mph (122 km/h). Click the headline for more information


Six Flags announces 2020 attractions

Grand Prairie, Texas, USA

Six Flags announced all the new attractions coming to their parks in 2020, including the roller coasters Jersey Devil Coaster for Six Flags Great Adventure, Aquaman Power Wave for Six Flags Over Texas and Sidewinder Safari at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom along with a ton of flat rides and lots of new slides for their water parks. Click the headline for more information


Silver Dollar City’s big splash for 2020

Branson, Missouri, USA

In 2020, riders will be able to make a splash on the “tallest river raft drop in the Western hemisphere” when they take on Silver Dollar City’s new $23m mega attraction, Mystic River Falls at Silver Dollar City! The rapids ride will be the centerpiece of a new area called Rivertown. Click the headline for more information.


Pantheon for Busch Gardens in 2020

Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

Busch Gardens Williamsburg announced that Pantheon, an Intamin multi LSM launch coaster, will be coming to their park in 2020. Featuring four launches, including a swing and backwards launch and reaching speeds up to 72.5 mph (116.5 km/h), it will be the fastest multi-launch coaster in the Americas. Click the headline for more information