Rhombus's Rocket Fantasy Island
Rhombus’s Rocket at Fantasy Island in the UK.

WGH Transportation started life producing transport systems, mostly rails systems, monorails, funiculars, etc.
They’ve also tackled slightly more ambitious projects when asked, including several “small scale” coaster projects in the UK and flat rides.
Both Legoland Windsor and Fantasy Island have benefited from this UK company being able to meet the needs of a smaller, upcoming park.
In 2004, they mixed their coaster and funicular skills to produce the Green Dragon people powered coaster at Greenwood Park in Wales.

WGH’s First Coaster

Rhombus's Rocket Fantasy Island
Rhombus’s Rocket at Fantasy Island in the UK.

In 1995, WGH Transportation designed and manufactured Rhombus’s Rocket at Fantasy Island in the UK at the request of the park. The mid-sized family coaster is the only powered coaster the company manufactured.


WGH’s Product Range


Green Dragon Greenwood Park
Green Dragon at Greenwood Park in the UK.

WGH have a small collection of custom roller coasters installed across the UK. They seemed to catch the market’s attention between the mid 90’s and mid 2000’s.
Most are traditional kiddie coasters, but Green Dragon uses a funicular system to raise the coaster instead of a lift hill, and they also built the fantastic powered mine train coaster at American Adventure.


Other information

In addition to the coasters mentioned above, WGH Transportation also manufactured kiddie balloon rides and a range of systems for dark rides. In March, 2016, Stage One acquired WGH Transportation Engineering and assumed supporting of all existing WGH attractions, but has since relinquished the ownership and support.