Racing comes to an end at Bakken

Klampenborg, Sjælland, Denmark

Racing, the Flitzer coaster that has been thrilling riders for the past 48 years at the world oldest amusement park, Bakken, is to close. It is unknown what will replace the ride, or if it will appear elsewhere, but the park plans to give it good send off by decorating the ride and offering a reduced ticket price. Click the headline for more information


2019 CoasterForce Top 25

For the second straight year CoasterForce put together an “official” Top 25 list compiled from each our members’ favorite roller coaster rankings. The number you see next to each coaster is this final calculation based on each members ranking and the number of times it was ridden by members; the lower a number, the more highly rated it was among all members. Click the headline to see the results


Chimelong Paradise opens Sky Rocket

Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Chimelong Paradise opened its high-thrill, high-tech launch coaster – the Sky Rocket Roller Coaster. The multi-million dollar triple-launch coaster, built by Premier Rides, integrates many exciting and unique elements, including advanced magnetic drive technologies. The dramatic layout is the first of its kind in Asia and features one of the highest inversions on the continent. Click the headline for more information