Happy Roller Coaster Day!

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Happy Roller Coaster Day! We hope you’re having a great day at whatever park you’re at.

If you’re unable to ride coasters today, head to CoasterForce’s YouTube channel and take a virtual ride instead!

You can test your knowledge with our Ten Question Quiz. Let us know how you got on!

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Roller Coaster Day Quiz 2022

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1. Let's start easy - What is the fastest coaster in the world?

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2. Which of these is NOT a real roller coaster element?

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3. Which Merlin operated theme park is the oldest in their portfolio?

Oldest park in the three options - not when Merlin acquired them. Info from RCDB at time of quiz creation, 14th August 2022.

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4. Whats the conventional name for the lower set of wheels on a coaster wheel assembly?

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5. Tough one - Which country has about 4.4% of the world's known roller coasters?

According to RCDB at time of quiz creation, 14th August 2022.

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6. According to our friends at RCDB, how many operating coasters have 10 inversions?

This is according to RCDB.com at the time of quiz creation, 14th August 2022. And note the word 'operating'!

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7. Which prolific coaster manufacturer was founded in 1926 originally as a manufacturer of agricultural and mining machinery?

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8. Who is this roller coaster designer?

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9. What colour is NOT represented as a flag on the Six Flags logo?

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10. Finally, roughly how many known operating roller coasters are there in the world?

Number rounded up. According to RCDB at time of quiz creation, 14th August 2022.

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You’ll also find plenty to read our coaster information pages and you can discuss creds with fellow goons on our forums!