IAAPA Award Winners 2020

Orlando, Florida, USA

Despite no glitzy annual ceremony in Orlando, IAAPA has celebrated industry icons through a series of online events. Three people have been inducted into the prestigious Hall of Fame, and others have been celebrated for their contribution to the industry. Click the headline to read about the winners


Roller Coaster Day Survey 2020

CoasterForce Towers, Worldwide

This is not your typical “best roller coaster” survey! We want to ask you what you love about roller coasters and what you enjoy the most about your hobby! You have until August 14th to submit your answers and we’ll reveal the results on Roller Coaster Day, August 16th! Click the headline to take our Roller Coaster & Fandom survey today!


UK theme parks to re-open 4th July

Various locations, UK

In line with the Government’s easing of Covid-19 restrictions, UK theme parks will be allowed to re-open in England from Saturday, 4th July. What can you expect when you visit your favourite theme park this summer? We’ve compiled all the measures in one brief guide. Click the headline for more information


Possible B&M Invert for Gröna Lund

Stockholm, Sweden

Gröna Lund has submitted a planning application for a B&M Invert roller coaster. The new coaster would be 112 feet (34m) tall and 2297 (700m) long, with a top speed of 62 mph (100 km/h) and a ride time of approximately two minutes. If the plans are approved construction will begin in 2018 with the coaster opening in 2020.
The layout is designed around Insane, the Intamin ZacSpin coaster, with an underground station and a lift hill extending over the Biergarden in order to squeeze it into the compact waterfront park. Click the headline for more information