Looping Star Keansburg Amusement Park
Looping Star at Keansburg Amusement Park in New Jersey, USA.

pinfariPinfari was an Italian roller coaster manufacturer known for developing coasters with a compact footprint. They are mostly known for their Zyklon and Big Apple/Caterpillar models.
Pinfari coasters are very simple in design. The track consists of two rails with bars in-between, similar to a ladder.
There are over 80 Pinfari coasters still operating, many of which are clones. Due to the ease of maintenance and transport, Pinfari coasters often change owners throughout their long lifetime and can found in parks the world over.
Pinfari was liquidated in July 2004 and three years later its brand and intellectual property were acquired by Interpark, another Italian amusement ride manufacturer.

Pinfari’s First Coaster

Pinfari’s first roller coaster was Hochbahn at the Wiener Prater in Austria. The ride opened in 1966, but closed in 1977. Hochbahn (meaning “tall coaster” in English) was a non-looping Zyklon model.

Pinfari’s Product Range


Big Ohhhh! Fun Plex
Big Ohhhh! at Fun Plex in Nebraska, USA.

Often called Galaxi coasters, which are actually Zyklon clones built by former Italian amusement ride manufacturer S.D.C., their compact design makes them very popular with smaller amusement park operators. The track is loosely based on two figure eights with moderately-paced turns and gentle drops. Instead of a long train like the Galaxi, riders sit in two row four-seater cars that are sometimes connected by a steel bar to double the capacity.


Jubilé at Selva Mágica, Mexico
Mouse Trap at Wonderland Amusement Park, USA
El Bandido at Western Playland, USA
Big Ohhhh! At Fun Plex, USA


Looping Thunder Oaks Amusement Park
Looping Thunder at Oaks Amusement Park in Oregon, USA.

Very similar to their non-looping compact coasters although these models have, as the name suggests, a loop. The loop is a circular one, similar to those found on classic Schwarzkopf looping coasters, and the train is made up of several cars instead of one like the non-looping version.


Looping Star Keansburg Amusement Park, USA
Orkanens Øje at Tivoli Friheden, Denmark
Looping Thunder at Oaks Amusement Park, USA
Looping Star at Jolly Roger at the Pier, USA
Montaña Rusa at Mundo Divertido, Mexico

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Roller Coaster Wicksteed Park
Roller Coaster at Wicksteed Park in the UK.

The RC model is more modern version of the Zyklon coaster. The turns are banked at a steeper angle it generally runs faster than its predecessor. They tend to have a figure-of-eight-pattern. There is a larger RC model with two vertical loops mid-track.


Roller Coaster at Wicksteed Park, UK


Mighty Mini Mega Adventure Island
Mighty Mini Mega at Adventure Island in the UK.

Mini Mega is a smaller version of the RC model. Banked turns are the main feature. There are only three of these coaster types operating, all of which and opened in 2003. However, one was relocated to from Codona’s Amusement Park in Scotland to Gulliver’s Warrington, so all three are now are located in England.


Mighty Mini Mega at Adventure Island, UK


Big Apple Botton’s Pleasure Beach
Big Apple at Bottons Pleasure Beach in the UK.

Otherwise known as a Caterpillar Coaster or a Wacky Worm, these small, tame and simple figure of eight coasters usually have a worm themed train and a “wobbly” section at the top. A small drop is found before the final turn. When the term ‘kiddie coaster” is used, these are the first coasters that come to mind.


Queen Bee Button’s Pleasure Beach
Queen Bee at Buttons Pleasure Beach in the UK.

Pinfari also created the world’s only inverted Big Apple/Caterpillar coaster. Queen Bee at Button’s Pleasure Beach in the UK has a similar layout as the company’s normal kiddie coaster, only here the cars hang below the track instead of being on top on it.


Tsunami M&Ds Scotland's Theme Park
Tsunami at M&Ds Scotland’s Theme Park.

This coaster model is an inverted coaster type where riders sit below the track. Ideally suited to be a traveling ride, only three of these ended up being a permanent attraction at a theme park. It’s compact layout has roll-over inversion for added intensity.


Super Dragon Treasure Island Amusement Park
Super Dragon at Treasure Island Amusement Park in the UK.

The Super Dragon model is a slightly larger Big Apple style coaster but instead of a “wobbly section” along the top, it has a larger drop. A Super Dragon coaster is a figure-of-eight coaster.


Clown Coaster Wicksteed Park
Clown Coaster at Wicksteed Park in the UK.

Circus Clown is a tiny oval shaped roller coaster and is the smallest coaster model in Pinfari’s portfolio. Only four of these were ever built – all in the UK – and only two are still operating today.

Other information

There are many versions of the Zyklon coasters. Zyklon is the ride type, it’s the code afterwards that defines the model. For example, “Z47” would indicate a Zyklon coaster with a width of 47 feet (14m) and a Z50, 50 feet (15m) and so on. An “L” in the code means “looping”, so ZL40 would mean a Zyklon Looping Coaster with a 40 foot (12m) width.

Pinfari was liquidated in 2004 but was integrated into fellow Italian manufacturers Interpark in 2007.

Manufacturer Contact Details

Via Curtatone e Montanara 30/a
Lombardy 46029

Tel: +39 0376 535 010