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First Rollercoaster Experience Ever!?!

First coaster was Apollo's Chariot when I was seven. The look of horror in my eyes in the ORP (of course I bought it) still makes me laugh.


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Mine was Space Chase at Adventure Island.

First proper one was Black Hole at Alton Towers a few years later.


First Coaster-Little Dipper at Memphis Kiddie Park
First Major Coaster-Big Dipper at Geauga Lake
First Looper-Double Loop also at Geauga Lake.

My first two "real" coaster rides came when I was 6, and I remember two summers later heading up and visiting Cedar Point for the first time!
My first coaster was probably at Cedar Point. It was either Blue Streak or Corkscrew. I'm not sure because it was in the 70's. For a long time, I only knew about a couple of parks in Ohio, one in Virginia, and a few down here in Florida. It's sad that I did not know about all of these rides or all of these parks until about 4 years ago. The internet turned me into an enthusiast, but it wasn't that long ago (but it could have been).


I remember when I created a similar topic a few years ago, was probably the best topic I have ever made :p

Anyway, I remember my fist expreince was the old Flying Fish at Thorpe (before it was moved to accomodate for Stealth). I was really young and I remember ****ting myself as I walked around the queue but when I got on it I loved it!

My first looping coaster was Nemesis Inferno, also at Thorpe and it was then I fell in love with coasters!


I remember after riding Corkscrew at Cedar Point for the first time, my dad told me to look at Lake Erie right before we crested the hill. Well I looked over and next thing I know we're plummeting down the hill. I was angry at my dad and vowed to not ride a coaster again. About 3 years ago that changed, and since then I've become an avid enthusiast. I was part of ACE but am trying to start my own Coaster orginization.


My first ever coaster was at egoland. No not the red dragon one, although I went on it later that day, sneaked on by my parents, but the little green dragon one. I don't even know if its still there or if it was a proper coaster, I must of been about 4 at the time. My firt rollercoaster with an inversion was the Aerosmith one at Disney MGM Studios, Florida, aged seven. I loved it :)


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I think I probably had some sort of experience on some generic Apple coaster at a pretty early age, but I gained wuss-ish tendencies in my early years and for a long while even refused to go on pirate ships and stuff. Then there came a college trip to Disneyland Paris, and something inside me clicked and told me that it wasn't going to hurt me to go on a coaster, so I did. So, my first real coaster experience was Space Mountain at DLP, not bad to get my first coaster, first inversion and first launch all done in one!


:--D The first upsidedown rollercoaster i went on was Twin looper at American Adventure. I must of been quite young then...i remember waiting every year to be tall enough and then finally i was. (-:

Probably my very first rollercoaster though was probably either Mini apple at Alton Towers or Beastie. I remeber when Beastie was in forbiden valley so i used to go on it while my Dad, my bro and my sis went on. I was soooooo jealous and i was only about 5! Lol..
Good times. (-:


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I have always been a speed and adrenaline junkie, ever since I was a little kid, but I had never ridden a roller coaster until I was about 8 years old. I knew what roller coasters were, and in fact, I was already fascinated by them, just from seeing them in picture books and magazines. A kids magazine that I had a subscription to back then had run an article called "Scream Machines" about six months or a year before my trip, and it featured at least 10 pages of photos and facts about some of the biggest roller coasters and thrill rides in the country. I remember Superman the Escape, Chang, Texas Giant, Steel Phantom, Magnum XL-200, and Alpengeist (brand new at the time) were featured prominently.

One Friday night, kind of spur of the moment, my dad and mom decided to take our family to Busch Gardens Williamsburg (as it was called then) for the weekend. So we left early the next morning and got there at about 10:00. I was amazed by everything! This was my first amusement park visit and I couldn't wait to ride the rides and see everything.

So as we approached the park, I suddenly got my first glimpse of a real-life roller coaster as Alpengeist poked its head out from among the trees. And of course, having studied the pertinent literature, I recognized it for exactly what it was, screaming excitedly, "Oh wow look there it is, that's Alpengeist! It's the tallest, fastest, most twisted inverted roller coaster in the world, " reciting the clame to fame given in the magazine article.

I could hardly curb my enthusiasm at the prospect of finally getting to ride a real roller coaster, and a big one at that, as we bought our tickets and started to make our way through the park. And then, not more than a few hundred feet from the entrance... there it was. Right in front of me. Not Alpengeist, as anyone who has visited Busch Gardens knows, but the famous Loch Ness Monster. I stopped for a moment to watch in awe as one train ascended the lift hill, clacking away like all Arrow loopers do. I had to ride it now. The day was long and I would have plenty of time to ride Alpengeist, and besides, Loch Ness was so close! Oh, the joy I felt when I was measured at the entrance of the line and deemed tall enough to ride. Fortunately, there was almost no line since the park had not been open long, so I sprinted through the queing area with my dad and my 6-year old brother. We were on the ride and locked in place in minutes. I was so stoked.. I was on a real roller coaster!

We rolled out of the station and started up the lift hill... and that's where I started getting a little bit freaked out. This train had to weigh tons... and there was just this one chain pulling it up the hill. It didn't look like a very thick chain...what if it broke?! We'd roll back down the hill and crash into the station for sure, and a lot of people would get hurt or maybe even killed!

And then we got to the top of the climb and I didn't have to worry about that anymore, but then I looked down and realized that, wow, we were really freaking high! I mean, Loch Ness only drops 114 feet, but I didn't know that and at the time, it felt like 500 to me! :--D
I won't go into too many details about the rest of that ride, but I will say that I was scared when I got off. I thought the chain would break, even though my dad later explained to me that they have ratchets so that even if that did happen, the cars wouldn't roll back. And, I didn't like that "wierd feeling in my stomach", as my brother and I called it, when we dropped. Needless to say, I didn't ride Alpengeist that day.

I didn't get really big into roller coasters until about two years later when I rode Apollo's Chariot. That cured me once and for all of any lingering fear and qualms that I had at the time. ;)


my first rc was also in legoland.it was called xtreme racer but it was kiddie coaster,only 70 feet tall.my first adult coaster was furius baco and it was incredible. :twisted:
My first coaster experience was when I was about 6 and watch my sister and her friends go on rattle snake at chessie but i was to small. I never really cared though and forgot about rollercoasters for another few years. I probably went on dragons apprentice in that time but I don't remember. then when I was 10 i asked my parents to go to thorpe as I discovered it on the internet, but they said it would be too scary and that I wouldn't go on anything so we went to chessie instead. I loved vampire but didn't go on anything else. I still wasn't very interested in coasters. When I was 12 my friend invited me to thorpe. I went on nemesis and instantly loved it. since then I have been obsessed and joined cf about a year(ish) after!
Little Dipper at Castle Park was my first coaster, which I rode when I was three. After being forced to ride Disneyland's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad a year later, I was scared of coasters forever (or so I thought). Finally, when I was eleven, I began getting rid of my fear step-by-step. It began with Merlin's Revenge, a simple Vekoma Roller Skater, then went up to Wild Mouse coasters, and finally, once I rode Revolution, I knew I could ride pretty much anything, so I rode everything I could. Not too long after, I was completely hooked. Not one coaster scares me anymore.

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Hmm haven't posted here yet

I really can't remeber all the kiddy coasters but there must have been quite a few.
My first 'proper' coaster was the Vampire at Chessie. I still love this ride to bits - I know it's a bit lame now, but at the time it was amazing. They themed the whole section of the park after one ride and I still love the queue line with the organ-playing guy - I just can't get enough of all that ghost train, gothic stuff.

I went to blackpool at about 12yrs old and did everything (including the original layout of Space Invader - much to Vadge's annoyance!) except the Big One which was just a bit too much for me then. Went to Southend loads as a kid too, and Dreamland at Margate.

I should have realised then that I had coaster fever as I was always the only one in the family who had to go on literally everything and had to be dragged away at the end of the day! Thought I just had boring relatives but no I'm just a ride junkie



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It was most likely a Big Apple or Super Dragon, or something along those lines. Maybe one of the two dragon coasters at Camelot, depending on when they were built and stuff. When I was very young, I was terrified of even those little pay-per-play things outside supermarkets that just go up and down and such. Then something in me snapped and I turned into some unsattiable thrill junkie, which one day will probably be the death of me :lol: