IAAPA 2017 Round Up

Orlando, Florida, USA

Every November, the movers and shakers in the amusement park industry gather in sunny Orlando to shape the way we will ride for many years to come. All of the big ride manufacturers attend to demonstrate their attractions to the 27,000 buyers from theme parks, zoos, aquariums etc. The deals made at the IAAPA Expo could come to fruition at a park near you. Click the headline for the all the news!


Cedar Point continues Mean Streak RMC conversion

Sandusky, Ohio, USA

The final weekend of Cedar Point’s 2016 season gave visitors a last glimpse of the deconstruction of Mean Streak, which closed after 25 years of operation. While the park has not announced official plans for the roller coaster, Rocky Mountain Construction track has already been spotted on-site. RMC has built a reputation for converting large wooden roller coasters to more aggressive, steel designs – which can only be assumed for Mean Streak as well.