Roller Coaster Day Survey 2021

CoasterForce Towers, Worldwide

August 10, 2021 – This is not your typical “best roller coaster” survey! Take our Roller Coaster & Fandom survey today and see the results on Roller Coaster Day, August 16th!

We’re not going to ask you what your top coaster is or what park you like the most, because those questions get asked all the time. Besides, you can chat about that stuff on our forums. We want to know what you love about roller coasters and what you enjoy the most about your hobby! We need to collect your results, make fancy charts, and be ready to present them on Roller Coaster Day, so you only have until Friday,  August 13th to submit your answers.

You don’t need to answer every question, but we would appreciate it if you did. We also would be grateful if you could please share this page with your friends so we get a big, broad set of results. We respectfully ask that you only submit your answers just the once. You can only choose one answer for each question, so think carefully before tapping submit.

The survey is now closed! The results will be announced on Monday, 16th August.

Thanks to everybody who too part. We did a similar thing last year so make sure you check out the Goon Survey 2020 Results! Follow CoasterForce on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.