1. Hyde

    CoasterForce's Favorite Coasters - 2019 Edition

    Thank you again to all for ranking your top 10 roller coasters! Our crack team of analysts, spreadsheet artists, field researchers, algorithmic mathematicians, academic calculators, and quantitative number crunchers (aka @Hixee, @Pokemaniac, and @Hyde) have been hard at work analyzing all...
  2. Matt N

    UK General Election 12th December 2019; who will you vote for?

    Hi guys. As many of you probably know, there is going to be a general election in the UK on 12th December; the first December election since 1923, as a matter of fact! But my question to you all is; who will you vote for? I am obviously underage, so I can't vote, but if I could, I'd vote for...
  3. SilverArrow

    Quimera accident at La Feria Chapultepec Magico

    Rumours are two people have died and two more injured in a serious accident in Mexico on Quimera (formerly Magnum Force) at La Feria Chapultepec. UPDATED INFO: Videos have surfaced online showing that the back car came off the track and then fishtailed along behind the rest of the train, before...
  4. Matt N

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach 24th August 2019

    Hi guys. Today, me and my parents went to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for their Late Night Riding event. Now, we had been staying in the very nice Big Blue Hotel last night, so we were able to gain quick entry via the hotel entrance, which provided a great starting view: After getting into the...
  5. Kw6sTheater

    Michigan's Adventure closing Be-Bop Boulevard (Antique Cars) on August 11!

    I always dread to see antique cars removed, as they're some of my favorite rides in amusement parks aside from the obvious roller coaster and flat ride. I'm rather doubtful that Be-Bop Boulevard will be replaced with anything except perhaps a state of the art trash can, but I'll keep my eyes...
  6. Matt N

    Thorpe Park 2nd August 2019

    Hi guys. Today, my parents and I headed to Thorpe Park; they had given me this trip as a present for my 16th birthday on Wednesday! It was an 8pm close today, so we left quite late and arrived in the park at just before 12pm with the intention of staying until 8pm. However, as you’ll discover...
  7. Matt N

    Oakwood Theme Park 26th May 2019

    Hi guys. Today, me, my mum and my nan made the journey to a little gem of a park in Wales called Oakwood. Now, we are presently staying in the area, so I gave Oakwood a little recommendation after taking a school trip there in July 2016. I was personally interested to see how some of the park's...
  8. Kw6sTheater

    For the first time in four years - Busch Gardens Tampa. April 15, 2019.

    While this is still fresh in my head, I’ve decided to write up a trip report about my visit here. As a matter of fact, it was my first visit to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay since November 11, 2015 — nearly four long years! Formerly a Tampa native, I grew up surrounded by the animals, greenery and...
  9. Puhveli

    Särkänniemi | Boom | Zamperla Z-Max

    After weeks of teasing Särkänniemi finally revealed what their new ride for 2019 will be. My horrible attempt at translating how Särkänniemi describes the ride on their website They also shared some stats: Height - 68m G-forces - 4G Min. passenger height - 120cm (With accompanying adult)...
  10. Snoo

    Fury of the Copperhead | CAROWINDS | 4th May 2019

    HELLO ONE AND ALL! The first USA Live of 2019 is upon us! Fury of the Copperhead at Carowinds! This bad boy will be taking place on May 4th, 2019. As far as meeting up and such, that will be determined once we get the ball rolling of course however how many of you would like to attend? Once we...
  11. CoasterWild

    Notable Deaths 2019

    My turn to start again this year! Dr Hook singer Ray Sawyer, 81: https://pagesix.com/2018/12/31/dr-hook-singer-ray-sawyer-dead-at-81/amp/?fbclid=IwAR08B6dEHE5cCpzH0cyd0QYhIPD0_Nrj7brA7DdBTWbiZjd1f7kSfnK3qDY
  12. Matt N

    Six Flags 2019 Announcements

    Hi guys. I know that many of Six Flags' additions for next year already have threads, but I decided to make this one to summarise Six Flags' additions for next year into one place. To start, here's the video: Now, if you don't want to watch the video, I'll just quickly summarise what each park...
  13. Matt N

    Six Flags Discovery Kingdom | Batman: The Ride | S&S 4D Free Spin

    So it would seem that Discovery Kingdom is receiving a 4D Free Spin from S&S next year: Should be a nice fit for the park, in my opinion! Also, it's interesting to see them go back to the old Batman branding like the prototype at Fiesta Texas had!
  14. Matt N

    Alabama Splash Adventure getting new coaster in 2019?

    Hi guys. I was just having a read through Screamscape when I found this: This would be a good fit for the park, if you ask me! They could use another decent size steel coaster from the looks of things! P.S. Sorry if this already has a thread. Also, here's the Screamscape link...
  15. Matt N

    2019 flat rides and turtle habitat for SeaWorld San Antonio

    Hi guys. Sorry if this already has its own thread, but construction walls have apparently appeared at SeaWorld San Antonio. They are between Rio Loco and the Shamu Stadium according to people who have visited recently. The park has also filed a permit, and rumours have been swirling that these...
  16. Matt N

    Construction starting for 2019 attraction at SFGAdv?

    Hi guys. Sorry if there's already a thread for this, but according to Thursday's Screamscape news update, construction walls have gone up around an old "waterworks" (?) attraction in the Golden Kingdom area of Six Flags Great Adventure. Lance seems to think that this could potentially be early...
  17. GuyWithAStick

    Six Flags Great America | Maxx Force | S&S Air Launch

    Six Flags Great America has just announced that they are tearing down the old "Pictorium" IMAX theater of 39 years. When it opened, it brought brand new technology to the theme park industry. However, in recent years, the space has rarely been used. Its last major use was in 2011-2013, when the...
  18. James F

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: Future Predictions

    So Pleasure Beach Experience just uploaded a video sharing their predictions for the pleasure beach within the next 10 years. They discuss how you have to be realistic when thinking about the restrictions that the pleasure beach has such as the limited budget they have, which got me thinking...
  19. GuyWithAStick

    Canada's Wonderland | Yukon Striker | B&M Dive Coaster

    https://trca.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/11-17-Agenda-Package-Executive-Committee_Jan12_2018-Merged-Agenda.pdf tl;dr: CW is planning to build a new roller coaster for 2019/2020. Right now, they've only submitted the application for moving some water to make way for the ride. The map shows...
  20. U.K Thrill Rides

    Possible new ride/rollercoaster coming to Thorpe Park in 2019

    There is a possibility that a new major ride will be coming to Thorpe Park in 2019. This is because I'm the current place where loggers leap is there is plenty enough room for a big rollercoaster. Also Loggers Leap has been closed for 2 years but no work has been going has been happening on it...