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Captain Basic
Six Flags Great America has just announced that they are tearing down the old "Pictorium" IMAX theater of 39 years. When it opened, it brought brand new technology to the theme park industry. However, in recent years, the space has rarely been used. Its last major use was in 2011-2013, when the park made a 3-volume series of the park's history to celebrate 35 years of operation. It wasn't until this year that they decided to remove this building. Their Twitter says that they are removing the building to make way for "New Thrills". Clearly this is a generic industry phrase when removing an old attraction.

But... during opening weekend, it was seen that there was some land clearing on the other side of the train tracks near Whizzer/the park's scrambler. Could this mean they're starting early to prepare for next year's attraction? Are they simply creating a backstage path? Or are these two isolated events that are coincidentally going on at the same time right next to each other? Either way, it's rather interesting to see the park working this early on a project like this.

Demolition of Pictorium


Land clearing on the other side of the tracks


Rough sketch of the possible area to work with.

I must say, 2019 is shaping up to be an awesome year for coasters. What do you think?


Mountain monkey
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Since Six Flags has had a habit of buying in bulk in the past few years, my guess is a Wonder Woman clone.


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As SFGAm got a Free Spin last year in the form of Joker, I'd guess they meant the RMC Raptor clone.
Don't forget the super loops too!

But anyways, it is a reasonable amount of space, so I'd guess it's a new layout of a Raptor or if I'm going on a stretch, a T-rex.


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Yeah, this is probably a Wonder Woman clone. Same theme, same layout, same everything. But five hours from me, I’m totally down with this!