Farmyard Flyer takes off at Paultons

Romsey, Hampshire, England, UK

March 30, 2022 – The UK’s newest coaster is set to open earlier than planned at Paultons Park tomorrow, and that’s no April Fools joke. Farmyard Flyer is the park’s seventh coaster and the newest addition to Tornado Springs. We were invited by the park to get a sneak peak of what guests can expect this weekend.

Fitting in with the Tornado Springs theme, this family friendly Zierer Force coaster has Paultons Park’s largest station which is superbly themed to an old American style barn. Other nice touches include a free-spinning propeller at the front of the train, a runway with “83” stamped on it (to reflect the park’s opening year) and a themed control tower. There’s a great ‘easter egg’ in the on-ride photo shop for hardcore Paultons fans – the pilots in the ‘old’ photos are actually the park’s family owners and some of the staff!



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