HangTime opens at Knott’s Berry Farm

Buena Park, California, USA

Knott’s Berry Farm opened HangTime, the park’s new Gerstlauer Infinity coaster that illuminates over the Boardwalk with a themed LED light show. With a 150 foot (46m) vertical lift hill, the steel dive coaster features a 96° beyond vertical drop, 5 inversions and reaches speeds up to 57 mph (92 km/h) after holding passengers for a few seconds at the top. Click the headline for more information


Intertwined Gerstlauer coasters for American Dream

East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA

The indoor Nickelodeon Universe theme park at American Dream will feature two record-breaking roller coasters by Gerstlauer. They consist of an intertwined Launched Euro-Fighter with a beyond-vertical drop and a Spinning Coaster whose cars rotate on a vertical axis as they move along the track. The Euro-Fighter boasts the world record for the steepest coaster drop, while the Spinning Coaster will hold the titles of the world’s tallest and longest free spinning coaster. The two coasters will be intertwined, which means the combined 14 vehicles will run in and around each other. Click the headline for more information


Hydrus opens at Casino Pier

Seaside Heights, New Jersey, USA

Casino Pier on the Jersey Shore opened Hydrus, the seaside resort’s Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter that replaces the infamous Star Jet coaster that ended up in the Atlantic Ocean following Hurricane Sandy in 2012. It features a 72 foot (23m) tall vertical lift hill, a 97° beyond vertical drop, three inversions and a top speed of 45 mph (72.5 km/h). Click the headline for more information