Valhalla – a gift from the Gods

Blackpool, Lancs, UK

May 10th, 2023 – Following a £4m investment, one of Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s best-loved rides, Valhalla, has been brought into the modern era, boasting a host of exciting new features. Billed as the UK’s wettest ride, Valhalla officially reopened at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, today 10th May. The highly anticipated reimagining of one of the park’s most famous rides has invited speculation and excitement in equal measure from fans across the UK, and today, Blackpool Pleasure Beach reveals a first look at what guests can expect.

Riders will be immersed in more than four minutes of high-speed action, seeing them engulfed by unforgiving elements including fire, water, snow and thunder and lightning. They’ll make the half mile journey on a Viking longboat into a parallel world to reach Valhalla, experiencing plunging temperatures of -20°C and highs of more than 43°C.

The ride, whose famous tagline reminds riders “You will get wet, you may get soaked”, includes a reservoir holding over one and a half million gallons of water – enough to fill more than two Olympic sized swimming pools.

Taking riders through roaring fires and freezing mists, Valhalla will test limits and evoke shock, surprise and excitement at every twist and turn as they journey towards the right to be hailed as a true Viking warrior.

Amanda Thompson OBE, CEO of Blackpool Pleasure Beach, said: “We’re delighted to finally be able to share a glimpse into all our hard work. The new ride is absolutely sensational and will definitely leave riders wanting more.

“Those who remember the original ride may recognise some of its best-loved features, but this reimagining of Valhalla offers a totally new immersive experience that will leave riders eager to return!”

Adam Slevin, Director of Creative, Design & Experience at Blackpool Pleasure Beach adds: “We’ve worked so hard to find the perfect balance between maintaining nostalgia, giving the ride some much-needed TLC and adding in a few surprises for fans.

“Valhalla will test even the most confident rider’s limits, with plummeting temperatures, fiery furnaces and torrents of water.”

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