Green Lantern shines no more

Valencia, California, USA

Six Flags Magic Mountain confirmed the closure of the park’s Intamin ZacSpin coaster – Green Lantern: First Flight. The ride was the last of the Intamin Ball Coasters (as they’re also known) to be built when it opened in July, 2011. Before that there had been three other versions constructed in Europe, all of which are still operating. Click the headline for more information


Intamin unveil new Zac Spin

IAAPA Expo, Orange County Convention Center, FL, USA

Intamin has revealed a new version of their Zac Spin coaster at the IAAPA Expo. The new model is configurable to allow three different seat layouts, controlled or free spinning options and a LSM launch out of the station. A Zac Spin is Intamin’s variation of a Forth Dimension coaster where riders free spin in cars positioned beside the track. Unlike the existing Zac Spin model where two pairs of riders sit back to back, an additional train allows for three different seat configurations depending on the park operators requirements. Riders can either face backwards, forwards or face to face.