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That photo has really cut deep actually. I never realised how much it would but I've got so many good memories in that corner of the park, including many of my parents still together and happy, and I don't have a lot of those.
This post made me rethink my attitude to this.

I've never really given a **** about Loggers going. It was just another log flume to me (notwithstanding the double drop which are always great), and I've always found it a bit funny how people have seemingly been 'sad' when it's going. Especially when you consider what it's being replaced with.

That said, I don't think I've properly appreciated that others may have fond memories of this ride and of this times in their lives where they were riding it. Oversight on my part, and glad to have the perspective shift.

Maybe perhaps try to be optimistic that the new coaster will create some new happy memories of this corner of the park!


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Strange to think it closed 8 years ago and is now only finally coming down.

Does anyone know the initial reason it closed without warning at the end of the 2015 season? It operated right up to the final day. Surely Exodus wasn't the reason back then?


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Does anyone know the initial reason it closed without warning at the end of the 2015 season? It operated right up to the final day. Surely Exodus wasn't the reason back then?
If I recall correctly Loggers was going to be needing a lot of investment to bring it back up to standards, and improve reliability of the ageing attraction.


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The theming (including tunnel) was in a dangerous condition was it not?
I really miss that ride, wouldn't it have been amazing to see a refurbished Loggers running alongside Exodus.

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Strange to think it closed 8 years ago and is now only finally coming down.

Does anyone know the initial reason it closed without warning at the end of the 2015 season? It operated right up to the final day. Surely Exodus wasn't the reason back then?
I could be wrong here, but a story I seem to remember hearing is that all of Merlin's flumes required some sort of safety enhancement following the Smiler incident so that they would be able to hold boats at the top of lift hills and stop them from dropping into splashdown sections until the boat before had cleared them (or something along those lines, anyway; I could be wrong on the exact details).

I heard it said that each Merlin flume was judged based on the feasibility of having these H&S enhancements made versus other factors like age and cost, and the conclusion for each was as follows:
  • For Dragon Falls at Chessington, the work was deemed to be worth it, hence the ride was refurbished into Tiger Rock for 2018. The work could even have been a precursor to that.
  • For Logger's Leap, there was originally a genuine intent to carry out the work and refurbish the ride. However, after the failure of DBGT and the subsequent decision to make the Rise of the Demon enhancements for 2017, the money allocated for refurbishing Logger's Leap got redirected towards rectifying DBGT. The refurbishment efforts stalled somewhat after that, hence the ride remained in purgatory for many years.
  • For The Flume at Alton Towers, the ride was deemed to be too old for the work to be worth it, hence the ride was removed and replaced with Wicker Man in 2018.
As I say, I could absolutely be wrong there, but that was a story I once heard, and it would seem quite feasible given that both The Flume and Logger's Leap closed in 2015, the exact year that the Smiler incident happened. I could also believe that story for Logger's in particular given that its removal wasn't formally confirmed until 2019.
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Was it not something to do with flumes needing a closed water system also?
If I’m remembering correctly, I think that legislation was introduced some time ago now, and only applied to rides built after its introduction.

Plenty of UK water rides without closed water systems still exist, to my knowledge.


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Two things:

1. Everyone does know that Project Exodus is the...project name, right? Exodus was never the name. Just a codename. The park have obviously been open with that working project name, but it seems to have stuck a bit. Was always worried we'd get a Stealth situation with it.

2. Since when do we believe anonymous sources on Facebook?
1. Yes, but it would be a great name tk go with and sums up the general intention of the ride well.

2. .... yeeaah, good point.


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Such a shame to see it go. Was easily my favourite flume in the UK, Stormforce is good but i felt this had the edge.
We're losing flumes at an alarming rate.
But like the Ultimate the writings obviously been on the wall for ages.
At least this is getting replaced with something i suppose even though it's a glorified dive machine.


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I've got quite an unusual fascination with Log Flumes, and it's probably because of childhood memories of Loggers Leap.

There aren't any decent ones left over here so it's always a highlight of any abroad trip. Has to be the proper old school style though, none of this Chiapas squeezed in lap bar nonsense.

Loggers was genuinely one of the best. An indoor section, huge drop with a double down and it took you a good distance away from the rest of the park through the woods.


Today I learned I'm a Log Flume enthusiast 😂
Has there been any info released about what sort of colour scheme we could be seeing? All I've heard is that it could possibly be somewhat reminiscent of Stealth's...

Personally I'd quite like to see a vibrant track colour like pink or red with white supports although I doubt it will be that.


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The lift is on it way down, maybe a day or two before nothing of the drop is left.


When the park announced years ago Loggers was permanently closed I was very sad, at this point I'm happy to see something finally replace this great ride. I showed my parents some images of the site and they were both quite sad, they went on dates here in their younger years and took me and my sister on the ride as soon as we were tall enough, this area does have some great memories and thankfully we have pictures and videos to look back on. But I'm sure people will make the same great memories in this area, but now on Exodus ☺️

I hope they do have a little memorial or Easter egg to loggers somewhere round the new ride, that would be fun.


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If I’m remembering correctly, I think that a Stealth-style colour scheme might have been mentioned in the planning application.

It was mentioned during the consultation process that they would likely adopt a similar frame of thinking to Stealth, in that it will have a light/natural colour scheme for high points in the ride. But it wasn't confirmed what colours, so might not necessarily be white.