thorpe park

  1. I

    Original name of stealth at thorpe

    All I know is that stealth was originally called edge, and a few claw machines in the ghost train area have it on the side of them.. im looking for a clear logo
  2. Changa

    Thorpe Park Opening Day - 23/03/24

    Thorpe Park is back open! Unfortunately the rides didn't quite seem to be ready to start a new season as our day was mostly spent navigating around breakdowns. Please enjoy my thoughts, along with the mediocre pics of Hyperia from around the park! Storm surge - 6/10 It's a fun filler ride...
  3. T

    Big easy boulevard at thorpe park...

    Could be good, but knowing thorpe park...😬
  4. T

    Thorpe park fright nights opinion

    Lucifers lair has been the best scare zone for 4 years
  5. Furiustobaco

    Thorpe Park: Is it good again? (Fright Nights 23')

    It is 2012, and Thorpe Park just built Swarm. They had received 3 coasters since 2006, and seemed to be endlessly expanding. The park were laying down coasters, flat rides, and Thorpe was "the park" in the UK. Then we saw a decade of nothing, literal nothing. Temporary half baked "attractions"...
  6. Matt N

    Thorpe Park 15th September 2023

    15th September 2023: Thorpe Park Hi guys. Today was an exciting day; it was the day of my dad’s trip to Wentworth, and thus my now annual solo trip to Thorpe Park! I know I’ve been to Thorpe Park many times, but I always look forward to my solo trip there, so I was excited for today! My dad and...
  7. E

    Best way to meet other adrenaline junkies? (UK Based)

    Hi all, new here. Hope this is ok and appropriate to post here. Based in the south of the UK and single, I often struggle to find people who also share my addiction of adrenaline; and I mean that to the extreme degree, having done a double 300ft bungee jump in the past (and wanting to do...
  8. Matt N

    Alton Towers Scarefest or Thorpe Park Fright Nights; which UK Merlin Halloween event do you prefer?

    Hi guys. Scare season has well and truly begun here in the UK; theme parks have embraced the Halloween spirit, scare parks have opened, and YouTube and social media are filled with nothing but scare event vlogs and reports. Two popular UK events, based at two of the UK’s most popular theme...
  9. Ian

    GhosterForce 2022

    Ready for a mid-Halloween trip to Thorpe and Chessington fully of fatty sweets, faff and fun? Saturday 15 October - Thorpe Park 10am until 9pm is Fright Nights at Thorpe Park! Plenty of spooky happenings and creds in the dark. Thorpe Dark. Please meet inside the park by Stealth by 10:30. There...
  10. Matt N

    Thorpe Park 10th September 2022

    Hi guys. Today was, interestingly, my first visit to Thorpe Park of the season; by my usual standards, September is quite late in the season for me to be visiting Thorpe for the first time! Today was also the return of my solo theme park tripping; as with last September, my parents’ love of...
  11. Matt N

    Thorpe Park vs Chessington World of Adventures; which London area Merlin park do you prefer?

    Hi guys. Merlin Entertainments, the owner of the 4 biggest theme parks in the UK, has two Resort Theme Parks in the London area; Thorpe Park and Chessington World of Adventures. In spite of these parks’ identical owner and close proximity to one another, they are very different theme parks...
  12. Furiustobaco

    Thorpe Park- How crap is it?

    27/03/2022 The day is Mothers Day in the UK, most normal people would celebrate it with their mothers. I left a bottle of pinot in the fridge with a note, with my two favourite idiots, we ventured to Cherstey, to discover Merlin's least favourite asset. So, Thorpe Park. Once hailed as the park...
  13. Matt N

    How could Merlin make the two Southern Resort Theme Parks (Thorpe & Chessington) coexist in harmony?

    Hi guys. Since Tussauds' purchase of Thorpe Park in 1998, Chessington & Thorpe Park, two of the UK's largest theme parks, have operated under the same corporate umbrella (Tussauds from 1998 through to 2007, Merlin since 2007) within very little distance of each other; both parks serve the London...
  14. Matt N

    Thorpe Park | Hyperia | Mack Hyper Coaster | 2024

    Hi guys. Thorpe Park has not received a major investment since Derren Brown’s Ghost Train in 2016, and they have not received a coaster since Swarm in 2012. However, there are rumblings that this may be about to change. What rumblings, I hear you ask? Well, there are signs that Thorpe may be...
  15. Matt N

    Thorpe Park 7th September 2021

    Hi guys. Today, I went to Thorpe Park for a bit of midweek fun; my uni course doesn’t start until 20th September, so I thought I might as well make the most of it! I say “I” because today’s visit was actually my first ever solo theme park visit; my mum & dad dropped me off at Thorpe and went to...
  16. Matt N

    Thorpe Park 11th July 2021

    Hi guys. We went to Thorpe Park today, and we had a nice day! We left home at about 7:15, and got to Thorpe itself at around 9:20, meaning we were in good time to get into the park for opening time: One thing I had forgotten before our visit was that Thorpe are currently running an event...
  17. Furiustobaco

    Is The Walking Dead at Thorpe Park on borrowed time?

    So i have been preparing to go Thorpe this Thursday. During checking the queue times for stuff, i noticed The Walking Dead seems to always be a ghost town queue wise. Rarely exceeding 10 minutes ever, even when other rides have queues of 90 minutes. It usually has a smaller wait than any of the...
  18. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Thorpe Park Fright Nights 20th Anniversary

    For the 20th anniversary, I'd personally love to see the return of Creek Freak Massacre and Containment. In terms of new mazes, I do wanna see the return of a classic. What they could do firstly with returning classics, is give them something uniquely new about it. So if they brought back...
  19. Changa

    What is going on with Thorpe park?

    It's almost always been my home park and we used to own annual passes around the opening of Saw. But the state of the park the last few times I've been has been pretty dismal. The past 5 years of investment has devalued the park from a fun day with awesome rides to a tacky, unpleasant day out...
  20. Matt N

    Thorpe Park 30th July 2020

    Hi guys. After a successful visit to Alton Towers earlier this month, we headed to Thorpe Park today. We left our home in Gloucestershire at just after 7am, so we got there incredibly early; we were in the car park a solid 30-40 minutes before the park opened, and due to this, I was pleasantly...