thorpe park

  1. Matt N

    Thorpe Park 11th July 2021

    Hi guys. We went to Thorpe Park today, and we had a nice day! We left home at about 7:15, and got to Thorpe itself at around 9:20, meaning we were in good time to get into the park for opening time: One thing I had forgotten before our visit was that Thorpe are currently running an event...
  2. Furiustobaco

    Is The Walking Dead at Thorpe Park on borrowed time?

    So i have been preparing to go Thorpe this Thursday. During checking the queue times for stuff, i noticed The Walking Dead seems to always be a ghost town queue wise. Rarely exceeding 10 minutes ever, even when other rides have queues of 90 minutes. It usually has a smaller wait than any of the...
  3. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Thorpe Park Fright Nights 20th Anniversary

    For the 20th anniversary, I'd personally love to see the return of Creek Freak Massacre and Containment. In terms of new mazes, I do wanna see the return of a classic. What they could do firstly with returning classics, is give them something uniquely new about it. So if they brought back...
  4. C

    What is going on with Thorpe park?

    It's almost always been my home park and we used to own annual passes around the opening of Saw. But the state of the park the last few times I've been has been pretty dismal. The past 5 years of investment has devalued the park from a fun day with awesome rides to a tacky, unpleasant day out...
  5. Matt N

    Thorpe Park 30th July 2020

    Hi guys. After a successful visit to Alton Towers earlier this month, we headed to Thorpe Park today. We left our home in Gloucestershire at just after 7am, so we got there incredibly early; we were in the car park a solid 30-40 minutes before the park opened, and due to this, I was pleasantly...
  6. Matt N

    Incident at Thorpe Park

    Unfortunately, it would seem as though an incident has occurred at Thorpe Park. If the reports I’m hearing are true, it could be quite a major one. It’s not related to any of the rides, but quite major nonetheless. I’m hearing reports that people have been stabbed at Thorpe Park, and they’re...
  7. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Chessington World Of Adventures Have Revealed Elmer's Flying Jumbos In 2020

    We have missed this since November apparently, but Chessington are giving a four year partnership with Elmer the elephant and retheming Flying Jumbos starting in 2020
  8. R

    So I was sent This...

    so my brother sent me this and for some reason the website is down for me so i cant see. am i to believe him?
  9. Matt N

    Rank the Thorpe Park coasters

    Hi guys. As I visited Thorpe Park yesterday, I'd be intrigued to know your ranking of their coasters if you've been. I'll get the ball rolling with my personal ranking: The Swarm Nemesis Inferno Stealth The Walking Dead: The Ride (known as X when I last rode in 2014) Flying Fish Saw: The Ride...
  10. Matt N

    Thorpe Park 2nd August 2019

    Hi guys. Today, my parents and I headed to Thorpe Park; they had given me this trip as a present for my 16th birthday on Wednesday! It was an 8pm close today, so we left quite late and arrived in the park at just before 12pm with the intention of staying until 8pm. However, as you’ll discover...
  11. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Thorpe Park Resort Announces Fright Nights 2019 Looks okay. 3 new 'fears' for 2019 - yet to be revealed, but...come on? A scarier upgrade to Jungle Escape, a new Creek Woods Sawmill Ltd maze and a Fright Nights show - could tell it from each description! ?
  12. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Alton Towers and Thorpe Park Rumoured To Get Lego Themed Areas For 2020

    Now I may not have physical links or evidence (cause I am not on this closed FB group where it was spotted) but there was a rumour from a post on a closed Facebook group for Merlin Passholders, that Cloud Cuckoo Land and Angry Birds Land will be transformed into Lego themed areas for the 2020...
  13. Ethan

    Thorpe Park 2021 Coaster Concept

    I doubt anybody will read this, but for the last month or so I've been working on a little project whenever I had the time. This is my first attempt at custom scenery from Sketchup and Photoshop into Nolimits 2. This coaster isn't what I think will be coming to the park, just what I wish would...
  14. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Is something happening to Angry Birds 4D At Thorpe Park?,

    Please skip to 20:08 for the exact details but apparently, senior management at Thorpe Park were spotted measuring the building of Angry Birds 4D, after coming out of the nearby shop. Is something planned for the building?
  15. Coaster Chall YouTube

    What Do We Expect To Be Announced For 2019 Halloween Events?

    One thing that has been bugging me is what could be changed for theme park halloween events, such as Alton Towers Scarefest, Thorpe Park Fright Nights, Halloween Haunts, Halloween Horror Nights, Six Flags Fright Fest, etc. What would you see change? What do you want to see added or removed?
  16. Serena

    Swarming Up For The Season | THORPE PARK | 31st Mar 2019

    Well...what else are you gonna do on a Sunday in March?! The first CF Live of 2019 sees us finally return to the UK's most thrilling island...Thorpe Park! Expect some classic B+M goodness, Derren Brown hilarity and a memorial service for Loggers Leap. Firstly, I need to get a rough idea of...
  17. Zek_Teh_Kek

    Perilous Plunge Memories

    So today I was browsing the Thorpe Park Wikipedia page for some reason, and I remembered they had this one ride, Tidal Wave, and it reminded me of Perilous Plunge. And while I may not have ridden this insanely steep water ride, I would think that some on this forum have, and I want to know if...
  18. astead04

    Should Oblivion at Alton Towers receive floorless trains?

    Most of the other B&M Dive Coasters in the world (except for G5 at Janfusun Fancyworld in Taiwan - a mirror image of Oblivion at Alton Towers) have floorless trains, and SheiKra at Busch Gardens received them in 2007. After 20 years of operation at Alton Towers, is it finally time for Oblivion...
  19. U.K Thrill Rides

    Possible new ride/rollercoaster coming to Thorpe Park in 2019

    There is a possibility that a new major ride will be coming to Thorpe Park in 2019. This is because I'm the current place where loggers leap is there is plenty enough room for a big rollercoaster. Also Loggers Leap has been closed for 2 years but no work has been going has been happening on it...
  20. D

    Thorpe Park ride closures

    Does anyone know if the Ghost Train and Stealth will be running at Thorpe Park this year. Last year I visited twice and both of those rides were closed on each occasion with no explanations other than "They will be closed for the foreseeable future." Quite frustrating as those two rides were the...