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Thorpe 2013


They are strange but not first place we have seen them, they seem very popular at events now all over the country


One thing I have got to add Inferno's Fog is so thick you cannot see your hand in front of your face, it fills the whole tunnel and both in and out as well there are new red lights through the tunnel that you can only just see due to the fog being so think, the steam spouts in queue are steaming and lighting in station very red. Inferno is now really well restored with most of effects back working

Mr Nash

peep said:
It sucks they got rid of most of it though as indoor drops are the best kind.
I'm really quite miffed that the tunnel has gone,it was my favourite part of Loggers,the drop doesn't look any where near as big now it's not in darkness.I might just boycott it now,out of protest. :lol:

Beans said:
Inferno is now really well restored with most of effects back working
I give it a month...tops. :--D

Martyn B

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I never knew there was a little dip after that indoor drop! Oh well, the big drop is what Loggers is all about, so as long as that stays, it's all good.


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I'm sorry to sound so confused, but is it Annual Pass day today? If do we know if Thorpe Nerd Live will be covering the event?

Nemesis of oblivion

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Just came back from Thorpe. Excellent. Outstanding staff despite the cold. Saw was shut to begin with but re-opened. Then broke down again. Then opened again. Flying fish down for most of the day but was working by 4:00. Swarm only one car but max wait was about 20mins. Back row was fantasic (I didn't pre-book but it was near the end of the day so they allowed me) and billboard was amazing near miss. Fire was working all day. Colossus had only one car but walk on. Nemesis Inferno had two cars when queue jumped up but became a walk on and contiuned to operate with one car. All flats walk on. Most food stands open and staff (considering most was the first day to the public) were fantastic. Despite Stealth down all day it was an oustanding day. Well done Thorpe.

Nemesis Inferno

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Mraws isn't much different to Swarm... Still good but really, REALLY not worth the overally complicated queueline and 1 hour 15 minutes we waited for it...

I feel it MAY suffer a lot of organisational issues over the coming weekend/months...


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Can't wait to ride Mraws on Thursday <3<3 Love all the new changes we see in parks at the start of the season =]


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Stealth opened at about 4:15pm for the rest of the day. Apparently it was "too cold" in the morning. Yet they were fine to run it when there was a small blizzard???

mrawS is an interesting ride. Something I won't be repeating purely because of the awful faff it causes with timed tickets and the queue situation.. It will actually AWFUL during busy weekends and school holidays. Many of the staff in the station we talked to weren't entirely happy with the organisation and three of them gave different answers to how it would work when the park opens for good, chargeable etc..

The park was actually dead today <3 Nicest visit to Thorpe ride wise i've had in a long time. Got on all coasters (including Saw :D), except for X that but's so awful nobody cares. Went on Vortex for the first time in about 5 years? They seemed to running the flats on their short cycles, which was a bit crap considering how empty the park was.

All in all a good day!


Went to Thorpe today and have to say loved how quiet it was for an MAP day <3 Managed to get on all major coasters aside from X, most of the flats. I thought Mraws was an interesting experience, especially being on row 7. It was weird going up the lift hill backwards but that first drop was intense and brilliant at the same time. You miss the billboard going backwards, but forwards - wow! I ducked my head as I thought I was going to hit it. Well done Thorpe, you finally have a worthy near-miss on The Swarm!

Despite it being a cold day, most rides being on short cycles and major coasters aside from Inferno being on one-train op, I had a great day. The whole system for Mraws was a pain and I dread to think how that is going to work once peak season starts at Thorpe.

I did bump into a couple of Cfers on Slammer so hi again :) Must say, Slammer was running brilliantly today!


Just been confirmed on Facebook that X :\No Way Out will now travel forwards and has been renamed.

Sorry i'm at work so can't post the link at the moment.


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Are you ready to ride on a wave of light and sound as you experience the evolution of X:\ No Way Out?

X has been renamed and is heading in a new direction in 2013 as it challenges adrenaline seekers to face a rollercoaster experience like no other at Thorpe Park. Thrill your senses with a race through light and sound that will plunge you into a mix of intense colour and music.

Redesigned and reprogrammed around light and sound, the X trains will now speed forwards into tunnels of changing coloured light. And with a new coaster experience, new fans can enjoy the ride when, for the first time, thrill seekers in the making will be able to face the challenge of X.
Taken from the facebook page


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Stealth opened at about 4:15pm for the rest of the day. Apparently it was "too cold" in the morning. Yet they were fine to run it when there was a small blizzard???
Dollywood did this to me too, so I can only assume that the opening temp is a higher requirement to the temp once already operational.

We waited hours, in mid day, for Wild Eagle to open. Once opened, it remained open into the darkness.

I was like woooot?

Also yay X updates, woo, I think.


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Let's be honest here, X is going to be a **** coaster regardless of the direction of travel.

However, improved lighting and music could at least make the overall experience a lot more enjoyable. Depending on how good a job they've done with this, it's an excellent move in my opinion. It's a relatively cheap and simple way to keep a ride going for a few more years, while also having something "new" in a quiet year.


It will be interesting to ride X. I think it's a good idea as it was in desperate need of changing - I got bored of X:/No Way Out. The lights and sound will hopefully make the ride more enjoyable, and perhaps stop people thinking its broken down whenever it stops (as I heard it won't be doing this now).

Edward M

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Swarm doesn't need help with theming. I also find the whole backward last row pointless. Add it too... Any other ride.