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Thorpe 2013


Crazycoaster said:
Are you ready to ride on a wave of light and sound as you experience the evolution of X:\ No Way Out?

X has been renamed and is heading in a new direction in 2013 as it challenges adrenaline seekers to face a rollercoaster experience like no other at Thorpe Park. Thrill your senses with a race through light and sound that will plunge you into a mix of intense colour and music.

Redesigned and reprogrammed around light and sound, the X trains will now speed forwards into tunnels of changing coloured light. And with a new coaster experience, new fans can enjoy the ride when, for the first time, thrill seekers in the making will be able to face the challenge of X.
Taken from the facebook page
At-last the worst coaster in the park is finally getting an upgrade this year, is there a date on when "X" will reopen..?

Are the "Front" & "Rear" seats on "Swarm" pre-paid tickets only if so how much extra do they cost & where do you buy these special tickets from..?


^They are free you join the brave it backwards queue and they give you a ticket when you get near the front.
I'll be there in 2 weeks time to face backwards, lets hope the weather is calmer & the Q times are short.


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If you're going on a Saturday in 2 weeks time the queues will not be short, just a heads up ;]
With the Brave It Backwards they have removed paid fast track for the front row.
Went today and rode Swarm a massive 26 times, full trip report to come tomorrow.


Coasterfreck - Was the park busy as i'm going on a Sunday..?

The park should not charge extra for any of the seats, greedy Merlin :--D :--D

Martyn B

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They dont charge for the front row (or they didn't), only if you bought a fast pass. You could queue up normally and use the front free of charge.


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I've just got back from a very very cold thorpe. Saw and Colossus was both closed due to the weather, but Stealth, The Swarm and Nemeses Inferno were open all day on one train operation.

The Swarm was the busiest ride of the day, however the back rows was walk on for the majority of the day.

Thorpe was very kindly giving out free complimentary tickets to everyone, these tickets can be used from March to June.
sparky2u said:
Coasterfreck - Was the park busy as i'm going on a Sunday..?
Nope, it wasn't busy, which actually quite surprised me even with the snow, which is why I managed to get 26 rides on The Swarm on the in one day.
sparky2u said:
The park should not charge extra for any of the seats, greedy Merlin :--D :--D
They don't charge for seats, but if you queue for backwards rows you will be issued with a ticket which allows you to get onto the backwards rows in the queue station.

X has got repainted trains with new lapbars, which individually lock down to the rider like on the Flying Fish!

EDIT: There is also a POV of the new X.


Just a note about the free warm drinks appear limitless apparently, I asked the staff and you can only get one per visit to the bar, per AP but you can go back and get another, Thorpe's Calypso bar has only a small machine so they were using the Amity Doughnuts as well yesterday.

One other X was very good in my opinion, can be ridden over and over again without vomit.... Lasers were excellent. Downside the constant stopping would be good if they could just let it roll. A fun little coaster now and indoors so not cold, would have ridden it more but due to cold weather and rides being closed it got an enormous queue.
I have pictures I will add later.


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The music that is playing sounds like its from one of those very seedy gay bars that is still trying to stay relevant.

That being said I actually quite enjoy the music :lol:
Me and Coaster Zone member Doomega, rode X five times today, and the light show is absolutely brilliant, it was cool going backwards, but I actually thought it was more fun going forwards, especially with all of the effects. Sadly it still has lots of breakrun stops, but they are so much smoother than last season.
I also spotted some text on one of the breaks on the boarding station platform of X:

The trains are brilliant, and it looks like they also have new wheel bogies too, but I don't think they are new trains.


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I was impressed by X today it wasn't rough and was quite fun! The lights were good and it is a tad annoying that it still stops but ho hum! I do miss it backwards though because it was just so utterly crap!

Screaming Coasters

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I assume it has to stop and stagger the way it does, due to the train count? By letting the trains pass, the trains will complete the course too quickly and stop on the blocks before the station, causing a backup..