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Thorpe 2013


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Screaming Coasters said:
I assume it has to stop and stagger the way it does, due to the train count? By letting the trains pass, the trains will complete the course too quickly and stop on the blocks before the station, causing a backup..
I would assume so although I think one of the stops had something to do with the old old themeing not sure though?


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The juddering is surely not necessary though. That's theming, and can be programmed out? Which they should have done, because no one "gets" it.

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Screaming Coasters said:
But then you'd still have to stop.. I'd rather it do something, than just block the train.
Not necessarily, if you were going to re-program the ride. Trim the speed appropriately so that the train doesn't overspeed through the next section, keep them as block sections in case of a problem, and reduce the number of trains accordingly so that you don't have a problem with stacking. The effect on capacity would be minimal, and the ride would probably be better for it.


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Yeah exactly... The ride time would be less, so the effect on capacity minimal.

I bet the on site engineers cant reprogramme it and calling vekoma in was costly and burdenous.

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X from going in to leaving

Now to Exit

Out we go

I got that photo on the 3rd it says Jan 2013, Hesther Rose

I am also pleased to announce X has been reprogrammed and no longer stops on it's 3 Mid Course Break Runs, sadly as they are still break runs they do slow the coaster down a little, but the train doesn't stop, this has caused the coaster to run on 2-3 train operation as aposed to 3-4 and also reduced the capacity from 1,000 riders per hour to 900 riders per hour, this was according to an X operator.
Oh and all the old X No Way Out theming has been removed and signs have finally been replaced.

These pictures were taken on the 18th May, when me and my friend last visited the park.


Happened at least two weeks ago, also as you can see in your photos all the queue signs have been replaced throughout the park.

Large banner style used on the major rides.

Smaller round style sign used on the flats and the smaller rides.

And the big boards near inferno and X.

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I like the big boards but the actual queue boards, I wish could of been themed to fit the queue's entrance. Aw well, as least they're keeping the park fresh.