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Nigloland | Alpina Blitz | Mack "Mega Coaster"


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That overbank is going to be painfully slow by the looks of things... Hopefully the chain lift will be fast!


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^It will be slow. I guess it'll ride somewhat similar to the first left turn on Nitro. If we're unlucky it will be as slow as the first turn around/top hat thing on Blue Fire though.


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^ Guys, that's actually meant to be a twisting airtime hill (as seen on Megalite's), so if it's slow, it'll be utterly dull.

Ok, I'm loving the logo for this beauty!



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Slightly off-topic, but they've released 4 T-Shirt designs for merchandising. I have to say, they're all actually really nice clean designs.






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Re: Nigloland | Alpina Blitz | Mack "Mega Coaster"

Yay bunny hops <3

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There's something about that last t-shirt I absolutely love, it's just amazing.

Those bunny hops look airtime-filled :D


I have to say I was doubtful about this; I thought they'd probably played too safe in terms of intensity, but aside from the first hill after the drop this thing looks like it has A LOT of airtime. I really hope it can keep up the speed shown in the POV


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If the animation is correct the ride is way to short, the speed over the last airtime hills looks unrealistic, like the video has been speeded up. I dont understand why mack didnt come up with their own verision of the mega-lites, this is almost identical to intamins. Its great that mack are making thrilling coasters but be a little more creative.

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^ The timing on NL coasters are completely off to actual reality, it won't be that quick, if it was, ****... You'd be dragged out of your seat with the airtime. It may not have been down to Mack with the layout - the park could have actually asked them to make this layout.

I actually like it, it's a 'tighter' version of Intamin's. It's not bad at all.
I love the whole philosophy of Mega Lite type rides. There's no reason to build huge- you can get just as much airtime without the massive expense, and it takes up less space. I do hope the U.S. builds a couple like this, Intamin or Mack.


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I don't think this has been posted? Some very nice views of the coaster in what appears to be a construction tour (although entirely in french).