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Nigloland | Alpina Blitz | Mack "Mega Coaster"


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With that banked hill they can still turn out to be pretty cool. NTXG has an overbanked turn after the first drop and you get "sideways airtime" off it.


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The swings are apple themed, looks real great.


Screaming Coasters said:
Hmmm, the shorter Mack trains don't look as cool as the longer ones.. Still nice though!
Yeah I also think it looks kind of weird, imagine what only one car can do!

I really like the red train:





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The short trains make 100% sense since this is basically a Mega-Lite knockoff, which also use shorter trains than the regular Intamin hypers.

The design of the front of the train is quite Togo "Fujiyama" reminiscent, though not quite as cool in my opinion:



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Just watched the testing video, it's exactly how I thought it would be - the same pacing as Storm at Etnaland. If anybody thought different, they're somewhat deluded.


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There was a press and fan preview today. Some peeps filmed a POV, looks just as good as an Intamin megalite....



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Here's another video:


I agree with Peep: the pacing look very similar to a mega lite. Definitely a step up from Storm!


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Looks great! The first report I read says the two first hills are a bit slow, other than that it looks to hauls a$$.
I can't wait to sees summer time POV of this thing!

Here's a POV of Piraten for comparison.


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Social Media Team
The ride looks great and all but can we please all take a minute to acknowledge what a massive knock off this is?

It looks as good as a Mega Lite because they've copied the Mega Lite exactly.

If a Chinese company had done this, we'd be ripping them to bits. A European company does it, and we love them. Has there been an agreement between the two companies, because if I worked at Intamin, I'd be peeved.

It's just a shame they couldn't have used some sort of imagination other than just, copying exactly.


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Ben is dead right.

I've been curious about that for a while, it is such an obvious copy of the Intamin design I wonder how they feel about it? Maybe it's just more competition meaning they'll want/need to push the boundaries further.

But this ride does look great, both visually and from an expected riding experience stand point, and I do look forward to riding it sometime.

Screaming Coasters

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This doesn't have the pacing of the Intamin version at all..

The Intamin version is really snappy, and I much prefer the track profiling of their meglites.

The Mack version is all over the place. I have no idea what they've done in the design phase of this coaster, but the track shaping looks horrible - especially the final turn into the brake. What on earth is that?

I don't like it.

Nemesis Inferno

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The park said a while back that it was effectively the same design Stengel did for Intamin originally, but Mack were their preferred manufacturers for it for maintenance reasons...

It could well be a case that Stengel's design was taken to Mack by the park, who said "we'll do it" because it meant money... If Intamin had a problem with this being built I would guess they would've made some form of case against it by now...

Still, if the Mack version runs as good as Piraten does (when it's warmed up, it was rather uninspiring first thing) then the park will be onto a winner...