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Milestones in Your Counts


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I got my 100th about a week and a bit ago, on Megablitz, Coney Beach in Wales. Bit of a sucky coaster for my 100th, as I wanted to try and get Megafobia or Speed, but it wasn't to work out. :(

I also have Tornado and M&D's as my 50th, another Pinifari. :lol:


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My 100th was Litter Dipper at Quassy. :D
My 150th was something at Hersheypark (but no idea what). :)


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Ermm I think my 80th was Infusion at BPB. Hopefully my 90th will be Space Mountain at DLP when I go sometime in January/February. :)

Martyn H

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I can't actually remember many.

1st - Beastie
150th - Batman La Fuga
160th - Katun
170th - Eurosat

Those are the ones I can remember.
^ What's your coaster count though, Pat? I'm just curious because you were all rubbing it in that it was going to be bigger than mine, but we're both in the sixties :p .

And OMG Python Pit is clearly the sickest sheeet ever. That was probably one of my first five coasters.


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My 50th was the Pepsi Max Big One at Pleasure Beach, Blackpool. Broke down on the lift hill for 10 minutes too.

Didn't really intend it to be any specific rollercoaster...


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50 - Clown coaster @ Blackpool Pleasure Beach

100 - Xpress @ Walibi World

150 - Dunno

200 - Runaway Train @ Dunes Leisure

250 - Vortex @ Canada's Wonderland

300 - Volcano @ Kings Dominion

350 will be something at Busch Gardens Africa on thursday.


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I have never bothered keeping an accurate CC, last guesstimate was around 140, but I've done a bit of traveling since then.

The first coaster I rode was the Trapeze Coaster this at Flamingo Land years ago, which stood around where Cliff Hanger is now.



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I don't try to make my milestone coasters anything special, but heres what mine are.

10 - Incredible Hulk
20 - Oblivion
30 - Nemesis Inferno

Stone Cold

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I'm a bit guilty of this. My 200th coaster was Wipeout at Pleasurewood Hills, which although is not a significant ride per se, it was my first ever Boomerang and I created a mini-whoring trip to East Anglia to collect the credits to ensure that I'd do 199 coasters before my first boomerang, which was to have been the one at Cleethorpes. Now I'mnot going there, this whoring trip was irrelevant, and the coasters I'd have picked up in Bottons would have allowed me to get way over 200 coasters before riding a Boomerang. Looks like I won't be trying this again in a hurry.


I have only have 10 credits, I know it sucks!
1. Tami Tami
10. Stealth


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I've got my hundreth coming up again soon... I'll try and wangle it so it's Project Dylan :lol: