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Milestones in Your Counts

Didn't really know what to name it so excuse me for the crappy name, lol.

Do you try to get in bigger, more exciting coasters for things like your fiftieth coaster, or your hundredth coaster (or any other milestone numbers), or do you go for the kiddie coasters to make it more amusing? Or do you just not care?

Also, what are your milestone coasters?

For me, I don't really care what my milestone coasters are considering I've only had one, which was my fiftieth, and even that's not a big deal. When I get to one hundred I'm gonna make it a worthwhile coaster though. In case you're wondering, my fiftieth was Batman: The Ride at Six Flags Great Adventure.

SOo, what about you guys?


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1. Dragon (Logoland)
25. Montu

50 is comming soon though...


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100th- Log Ride at Rhyl

Can't remember any of the others. I did work them out a while ago, but alas, I've forgot.


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I was up to over 70 by the time I joined up here and actually counted them :lol:

My 'general coaster count rules' 100th was the Scenic at Margate (probably :lol: ). I'm back down to 86 on my terms now though, so I could make another stab at a decent 100th, but:

a) It's going to take a lot of traveling now for me to find the next 14 coasters - I don't think I can come close in the UK.

b) I'm really not arsed! :D


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I think that these are them

1 - Buffallo Coaster, Drayton Manor
50 - Dragons Fury, Chessington World of Adventures (GFIV)

100 - I may get that this year the way I'm going :lol: I'll reach 60 on Sunday :D

I also couldn't care what comes up when. I don't try and keep one specific coaster to make a milestone. It's more fun.

My 50th just happened to be Fury.

Nemesis Inferno

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1 - Vampire, Chessington

100 - X

Dunno what 50 is, but when I get closer to 150 I'll think bout what's being planned holiday wise... I think it'll probs be American though...


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50- Kumali
100- Kraken.

I couldn't give a **** to be honest..... just which ever one I happen to ride!

I won't name names, but I've known some members who have refused to ride some coasters because they want a certain coaster at another park to be their next big milestone.... I'm sorry, but that is ****ing pathetic.


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I'm hoping the gay dragon thing at Legoland will be my 99th <3

If I get the clown at Oakwood, it might even be my 100th. HAR. That would make me lolz.


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I'm really not that bothered. I'm in it for the rides, not for the list. I keep a list of rides, but I'm not going to go out of my way to ride a specific coaster just because my coaster count is about to hit some arbitrary number.


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I did not start 'counting' coasters till I was well past 100.

200 was Hurricane at Adventureland (Farmingdale, New York)
250 was Wildfire at Silver Dollar City (Branson, Missouri)
300 was Thriller at Land Of Make Believe (Hope, New Jersey)
400 was Great Nor'Easter at Morey's Piers (Wildwood, New Jersey)

The last coaster I rode (was also a new creit for me)
494 was Kentucky Rumbler at Beech Bend (Bowling Green, Kentucky)

My 100th WOOD coaster was Mighty Canadian Minebuster at Canada's Wonderland (Vaughan, Ontario)

500 will be something at Cypress Gardens this Monday!


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I dont really care, cant even remember what my No.1, 50 or 100 coasters were. I prefer just riding anything, and I wouldn't hold out on riding a favourite coaster just to be able to place it at a milestone in my cc.


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1- High Roller, Valleyfair!
25- Top Thrill Dragster, Cedar Point
50- Superman- Ultimate Flight, Six Flags Great Adventure


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1st, don't remember, some kiddie or Jet Star at Särkänniemi.
50th Grand National or Avalanche or Steeplechase
100th Stampida


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1st: Enigma (Cannonball Express), Pleasurewood hills
My 50th will be at Lightwater Valley, or Flamingo land, so I will celebrate by buying the on-ride photo!


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1- The Dragon at Legoland.
50- Spinball Whizzer.

I don't care to be honest, it's not about how many it's what the ride is. I much prefer my 49th coaster to my 50th! (Oblivion)