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Milestones in Your Counts


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Mind Eraser at SFNE was #50 lolz.
It was either that or skip the credit for Storm Runner at #50 a few days later and that wasn't gonna happen! :p


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1. Black Hole, Alton Towers
100. Robin Hood, Walibi World
200. Balder, Liseberg
300. The Bat, Canada's Wonderland
400. Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Cedar Point
500. Wild Mouse, Fuji-Q.
550. Caterpillar, Brean Leisure Park.


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^And Batman and Robin if you were going to count them as well, but I'm sure UC was referring to Diving LIM shuttle coasters.

It wasn't until recently that I bothered establishing a coaster count, so I cant really remember the order prior, but it is:

#60: Space Mountain MK

#50 DD Ice IOA :D

Which is something I only just discovered about 5 minutes ago upon back counting, which is good because it is my #1 anyway.

#40 Silver Bullet KBF


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I don't really 'do' milestones, but my 100th was definatley at Walibi World. I think it was Xpress...


i would have to say a milestone coaster for me was Raging Bull at SFGA it was the first real big coaster I ever went on to break my huge fear for roller coasters. Now i will ride any roller coaster without question


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My 200th was Megafobia, and im pretty happy about that :D I wanted to get on it for ages, but never really been bothered to drive all the way to Wales for it...



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I dont really know what rides were done and in what order. I might try remember my 100th, once I get there :)


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Errm my 60th was Treetops! =D I haven't reached 100 yet, hoping to this year though. It better be something good.


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Oh I remember what my 70th is now and it was Switchback at Gullivers Matlock. Going back this year to get the log coaster credit as it was shut when I went last time.


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1st was the Dragon (Legoland Windsor) in 1998 8)

50th was The Twister Coaster (West Midlands Safari Park) in 2006

(now on 64)

Hopefully my 100th will be something just as childish and cheesy as the other two :lol:


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Well I reached my 69th credit the other day as a complete tourist and member of the general public. I live near Clarence Pier and ended up going to the beach for the day with flatmates and we just randomly decided to go on the death trap there. I think it's a Pinfari, possibly exactly the same as the one in Lightwater. Only my second new credit since 2006! I'm on a roll. 69 as a milestone needs no explaining, and it couldn't have been a more fitting number for such a filthy city! :D Also, the Walters were ****ing mental.


My 30th Was Stealth :--D That is a milestone in my count!


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I got my 100th about a week and a bit ago, on Megablitz, Coney Beach in Wales. Bit of a sucky coaster for my 100th, as I wanted to try and get Megafobia or Speed, but it wasn't to work out. :(

I also have Tornado and M&D's as my 50th, another Pinifari. :lol: