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I got on Candymonium yesterday after missing out on it on Sunday. I only got one ride, but it was the best ride I could’ve possibly gotten: full train, back row, 4 in the afternoon, and an inch of wiggle room. The ride is butter smooth with tons of floater with some ejector mixed in, and the layout is so much more varied than some other B&M hypers, which is a good thing in this case. Hersheypark and B&M did a wonderful job on this one.


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We went down to Hastings to get the Pinball X cred at the weekend. It was actually a really nice day out with the wife and baby with my parents in tow, so I'll give a mini trip report.

The first stop was the West Hill Lift (funicular) but it was closed for maintenance.
Bad start but never mind, there are two funiculars in this town. So we headed over the road to Flamingo Park where we found a huge queue to get in. I suggested we give it another hour or two for it to quieten down. At this point I discovered that my Mrs is so supportive of my roller coaster needs that she gets cred anxiety on my behalf, and I had to persuade her that it's only a spinning mouse and not a big deal if I didn't get it!

We then headed out to the East Cliff Lift, past the seriously characterful fishing huts:
There was a queue out of the gates due to COVID restrictions etc, but we were on after about 15 mins, and at the top about 30 seconds later:
Nice view of the cred from the top:
There's a big picnic area at the top with benches and lots of lovely views. I think there are some walks to be had too. Absolutely worth doing if you are in Hastings.

Next we headed back down the lift and used the cute miniature railway to get back to Flamingo Park.

The cred looks quite nice next to the lake:
The queue to get in was shorter this time. There's a £10 (=20 tokens) minimum spend per group to get in. Before the cred we took the baby on her first ever ride, which was the mini carousel by the entrance. It was nice but even the 4 month old baby had to pay 3 tokens to ride which was a little surprising!
Obviously she's too little to even really notice she was on a ride, but it was a big landmark for me! I had to top up on tokens to afford the 7 each for me and the Mrs to ride Pinball X. A word of warning to lone cred seekers - single riders are not allowed on, so it’s lucky we had babysitters handy.

For those of us who wondered how they were fitting this ride into the very small park, they did have to be a little creative:
Here's the cred in all its glory:

We were let on by an eccentric ride op speaking in a (presumably) fake australian accent. He sat us both on one side of the car and told us "now you're going to spin like f***ing crazy" - definitely the first time I've ever been sworn at by a park staff member!

So on to the actual "last cred review" - well it was rubbish, obviously. Zamperla have almost exactly copied the dull Reverchon layout, but it's somehow actually quite rough too despite only being a few years old. Better than the SBF version though, so that's something. Any +1 is a big deal these days, so yay.

I couldn't face making my parents watch me ride the wacky worm so we headed out and finished the day with a walk on the beach and a brief visit to the pier (which now has a Go Gator btw).
Overall a great little day out, and a +1 was the icing on the cake. If we come back when the baby is a bit older there's another +2 to be had!

Matt N

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I went to Alton Towers today, and I managed to get on 5 of the 10 coasters.

The Smiler was actually running quite smoothly compared to usual, although it definitely still had its rough patches. The ending was quite rough as per usual, and there were 1 or 2 other spots of slight jolting, but other than that, the rest of the ride had little more than a very slight rattle, and on the whole, it was one of the most enjoyable rides I’ve had on Smiler in a while. However, I would still like the ride a little bit more if the aforementioned jolts weren’t present and the ending was smooth, and while I’m a big fan of the layout and admire what they crammed into the space, I think the ride is possibly a touch too intense/nauseating in its execution for my liking; it’s not one of my favourite coasters.
Row(s) experienced: 1x row 1 Rating: 6/10

was absolutely fantastic! The ride has massively grown on me as of late, and I just love the sustained airtime over the drop as well as the insane sense of speed in the tunnel! The way that force hits you in the tunnel makes the ride feel so fast; my dad said to me on the brake run that Oblivion feels like the fastest coaster he’s ridden, and I can definitely see why he thinks that! Overall, while Oblivion is a tad too short to score very top marks from me, it’s virtually flawless on a pound-for-pound basis, in my opinion, and contrary to my previous belief, I actually think I like the ride more than SheiKra at Busch Gardens Tampa, despite the latter having more elements. I just love how concise Oblivion is; it doesn’t mess around! I’d have to reride SheiKra to be completely sure, though, as it’s been 5 years since I was last at Busch Gardens Tampa.
Row(s) experienced: 1x row 1 Rating: 9/10

Wicker Man
was absolutely breathtaking; my rides on this were genuinely quite magical, and my favourite rides I’ve ever had on Wicker Man! I definitely concur with the recent reports that the ride has been running well; it was absolutely flying on all 3 rides I had today, and my first ever ride in row 12 in particular had some absolutely biblical ejector air! On the back row, some of the longer drops honestly produced ejector airtime moments to rival Megafobia, and as much as I don’t usually scream much on rides, I was practically screaming the whole way round back row Wicker Man; the ride was honestly throwing us out of our seats or hurling us round a corner at every opportunity it got! To top it off, the moment of roughness I nitpicked about on my last visit seemed to have disappeared, so the ride was smooth (well, smooth-ish; it’s a traditional woodie, so is never going to be completely smooth) and comfortable throughout! Overall, I absolutely loved Wicker Man today, and even on my rides towards the front, it was running spectacularly; I’d have to reride Icon to be sure, but in spite of the fact I’m not usually a hardcore wooden coaster fan, I’m honestly quite tempted to say it’s now my favourite UK coaster!
Row(s) experienced: 1x row 12, 2x row 4 Rating: 10/10

Runaway Mine Train
is a definite guilty pleasure of mine! Even though we were towards the front of the train, the ride was still surprisingly fast and great fun; as I’ve said before, those helixes don’t feel like they should be on a powered coaster for small children!
Row(s) experienced: 1x row 7 Rating: 6/10

is a classic, and it was running reasonably well today! However, there was some minor headbanging that left my ears a tad sore; the ride is beginning to show its age a little. I wouldn’t call it rough per se, but it’s certainly getting quite fierce. This is only a very minor critique of mine, though; Nemesis was still great today!
Row(s) experienced: 1x row 7 Rating: 8/10

In terms of my personal ranking of the coasters I did today, I’d settle for:
  1. Wicker Man
  2. Oblivion
  3. Nemesis
  4. Runaway Mine Train
  5. The Smiler
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Six Flags Magic Mountain is my home park yet it took me quite a bit of time to finally ride West Coast Racers. West Coast Racers is a fun ride but it's not even the best dueling ride in the park though it is good in it's own unique way.


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Even though I've lived in Houston for about two years now, I went out to Kemah for the 4th yesterday and finally got on Boardwalk Bullet. Hot damn, it did not disappoint.

Awesome layout with a decent amount of airtime (notably off the first drop, and then various twisty airtime hills scattered throughout the layout) and INCREDIBLE laterals. It felt surprisingly lengthy, yet never slowed down up until the final break run. In fact, my wife commented that its pacing and speed reminded her of Lightning Rod. Not too rough either - it is definitely still a wooden roller coaster, but they're taking remarkably good care of it. Bonus points for getting a night ride, and the firework show starting right before we started going up the lift hill. Really just an incredible ride, I can't recommend it enough.

I hate numerical ratings so I won't bother with that, but it very well may have toppled Ghost Rider as my favorite "normal" wooden coaster. Also surprisingly this is my first Gravity Group cred; if this is the level of quality I can expect, then I can't wait to try out stuff like The Voyage or Hades 360.


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Finally went to Power Park (Power Land if we're being specific, stupid naming scheme) this passed week and let me just:

Pitt's Special is definitely up there among the list of most pointless coasters (or park acquisitions in general) in the history of ever. Let me go to the positives for a bit, the coaster while short doesn't feel like "that's it?" once over it's just fine, you get some really nice airtime and the elements are wild, it's amazing how it curves above the go-kart track and it's surprisingly big in real life. Really would compare it to a mini-Kärnan (my #2 coaster ever). In basically any other park, Särkänniemi or Tykkimäki if we're talking local it would've been a fantastic addition that would've really rounded up their ride selection wonderfully.

However, there's Junker right next to it. Junker is easily Finland's second best coaster, only slightly behind Taiga. The launch is insane, the elements are wacky and the infinity trains are fantastic as usual. The Finnish loop element gives incredible hangtime and the whipping sensation on the edge seats is definitely a point over Taiga's streamlined-ness. It's overall a better infinity coaster, it's got the same colour scheme, same track design and train design, why in the world was Pitt's Special built? It was destined to be overshadowed from the jump which showed in a barely existent queue vs. Junker's 30 minute queue even on a capacity restricted day. (although Pitt's Special ran 2 trains and Junker for some reason ran one???)

It's a shame. I really enjoyed Pitt's special, but found no need to re-ride it when there was a superior Infinity coaster right next to it.


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Latest cred is Fury 325 and it is now my number 1. Incredible ride from start to finish. Speed was well maintained throughout the course. Plenty of intense and air time filled moments leaving me wanting more. Glad I saved Fury for my last ride of the day at Carowinds.


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My newest credit was Fun in the Sun, one of those ridiculous SBF Big Air Coasters (the model with the Hamsterwheel cars). To start, the park itself is tiny - on Google Earth, it's 0.46 acres (roughly 55 x 30 meters) in size, quite possibly one of the smallest parks in North America.

I got two rides on this coaster, one in a spinning seat and another in a Hamsterwheel. The ride completes its circuit 3 times per cycle, so Fun in the Sun definitely doesn't feel short. In the spinning cars, it's definitely a standard and unmemorable ride, with slight laterals and a few hints of floater air on certain hills, as well as a bit of a rattle. However, in the Hamsterwheels, Fun in the Sun is an absurd - but very unique - experience. The over-the-shoulder restraints feel tight, but are comfortably padded, and aren't painful during the ride. Roll-wise, there's two major instances in the layout - the first is a strip that induces flipping (this part) which sends the wheel head-over-heels two and a half times (after two back-to-back flips, you end up facing the ground, and then roll back into an upright position) - and the second is when the train rolls through the station on its 2nd and 3rd laps (you flip once or twice, then rock back and forth while going back up the lift). There's slight hangtime at the top of each flip, and there's fairly strong positives at the bottom. All in all, Fun in the Sun may not be the greatest coaster in the world, but it's well worth a ride for the novelty and strange ride experience.
Finally got a ****ing credit yesterday! Going from pregnancy straight to Covid and now a stubborn president who won't let Canadians into the country has made it incredibly difficult to get on anything significant for a number of years. Anyway, I went to Wonderland yesterday so here are my thoughts on Yukon Striker.

Most people who know the enthusiast part of me know I'm not really a big fan of dive machines as it is, so I was never desperate to get on this nor did I have much excitement for it. I have to say though, I think what they did with the area is beautiful. It was a bit neglected in recent years, but they've acquired a nice little influx of flat rides and revamped some of the surroundings in the area to make it look more Fronteir-esque.

Although I was sad to lose Skyrider, I could tell even by looking at it that Yukon Striker was a worthy replacement. The colours are gorgeous, and prior to visiting I had no idea how beautifully it interacts with the area and how daunting it looked soaring around the hilly area behind Wonder Mountain. After snapping a few photos and marveling at the speed in which the train takes the inversions, we hopped in line for the front row. We had Fast Lane, so the wait time wasn't an issue but we still had enough time to analyze the really cool baggage stowing system they use on the coaster. Pretty convenient, and certainly fun to look at!

As we ascended the lift hill, we took the time to take in the vast sea of concrete buildings and houses that surround the park. It looks impressive from the lift hills of all the park's B&Ms, but I think Yukon Striker provides the best view. As with any dive machine, the drop is phenomenal and seems to last forever. I was a little worried I'd really dislike this coaster because it appeared as though it'd pull really strong G-forces through the larger immelman and vertical loop, but it wasn't as bad as I expected. They were certainly intense, but nothing my body couldn't handle and if I had to rank them, I'd say the vertical loop and the smaller immelman pulled the most forces of all the elements followed by the larger immelman and the zero-G winder.

Once you hit the MCBR, the ride is basically done besides a turnaround that seems to be disguised as a helix without any significant forces. I didn't mind this though, because I generally dislike when coasters end off by trying to kill me with positive Gs. It did seem a bit weird in terms of pacing, but the first half was relentless so this can be forgiven, and we all know it was put in for capacity purposes anyway.

I think the entire area has potential to be on the same caliber as more established Fronteir areas if they continue to expand it. I enjoyed Yukon Striker, and would rank it 4th out of the 5 dive coasters I've been on, which seems low but I don't think even a poorly ranked dive coaster is objectively "bad." I think Wonderland's next play is to stray away from B&M and put in a Mega Blitz or a GCI/RMC, but this was a welcome addition to the park and is something I won't miss getting a lap or two on during future visits.


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First post! I have always had an interest for rollercoasters. But with a lot more interests and hobby's, and no friends with the same interest in rollercoasters, I have not ridden a lot of them in the last couple of years. The only creds I have in the last 5 or 6 years are a Vekoma family coaster and wild mouse on a traveling fair. I re-visited Efteling to ride some of their newer coasters in 2019 but all coasters closed downs because of a storm. And a Europa Park trip I planned for 2020 was cancelled two days before getting there because covid struck hard in the area. So a little more luck would have been welcome too.

Yesterday I could finally add two new creds to my list. I visited Wassenaar, the Netherlands. My main purpose for this visit was actually a museum. But because I had quite some time left, I decided to give the park next door a short visit too. Duinrell. A small sized park I visited a few times with my parents when I was young. After my last visit they build two coasters. Falcon, a Gerstlauer Eurofighter and Dragon Fly, a Gerstlauer family coaster. Alright, these credits are not the ones that make the most impact on this forum, but at least it's something after all these years.

Eurofighters are coasters that - I believe - always get mixed reviews on this forum. Falcon is a model on a small footprint with a loop and a heartline roll. It's not the most extreme ride ever. And it's short. You fly into the break-run before you know it. Still, I don't think it was that bad. It's not that shaky and for a coaster this short and without the incredible stats, it has a decent intensity. Again, I guess it's not the most memorable ride ever. But this small ride does it's job. [7/10]

Dragon Fly. It's not impactful, but it's a great ride for the younger ones. It also has some nice interactions with the surrounding rides and trees. Oh and for your knowledge, I am over two meters tall and I found out that these headchoppers where almost quite literal headchoppers for me. [6/10]
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Donkey in a hat
Troublesome Trucks, Drayton Manor.

So I'm getting desperate, but we're living in desperate times, man.
The cred, then: it exists, I guess? 😶
Theming's quite cute I suppose. It's got a little fast bit and a nice zig-zaggy bit but... that's it.
In summary then: 'It's better than a wacky worm'.
Stick that on your poster, Drayton.


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Troublesome Trucks, Drayton Manor.

So I'm getting desperate, but we're living in desperate times, man.
The cred, then: it exists, I guess? 😶
Theming's quite cute I suppose. It's got a little fast bit and a nice zig-zaggy bit but... that's it.
In summary then: 'It's better than a wacky worm'.
Stick that on your poster, Drayton.

I can't think of Troublesome Trucks without recalling the first minute of this. WTF!

I love how they then go on to chat about ghosts, just to make it absolutely clear that they all died. Brutal!


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Last Saturday I went to Parque Warner Madrid. It had been such a long hiatus since the last time I rode a proper large coaster it felt really good.

Batman Arkham Asylum has always been my favourite at the park. Such an intense Batman clone. This one has one of my all-time favourite queuelines as well, as it's ridiculously long and properly themed. With covid, people were forced to line up in the outside portion of the queue, in the gardens. Then they were let into the asylum building every few minutes in groups of 50 or so (I guess worth a couple of train batches). The ride is just relentless! I didn't recall it being that intense but I just loved it and it tracked very smoothly, so it was an all-around very enjoyable experience. 2-train ops was surprising as I have NEVER seen it run with both trains at the same time.

Superman la Atracción de Acero, on the other hand, was a let down. Again. I don't know what's wrong with Spanish enthusiasts. They really praise Superman as the best thing since sliced bread yet it doesn't quite do it for me. In fact, it is one of my least favourite B&M coasters despite being one of the taller loopers and one with a couple of interesting features, namely being very large at 55 meters tall (the drop feels hypercoaster-esque) and having a large camelback hill instead of the traditional MCBR. Let me tell you, it was running on square wheels. Ever since I rode it for the first time in 2004, the ride has never been smooth and it has way too many trims for my taste resulting in a very large coaster with few forces and a bit of a headbanger.

Stunt Fall was amazing. I will never be grateful enough to Six Flags for installing such a unique ride "close" to where I live. The ride ran all day with absolutely no issues and the ride crew was one of the fastest ones I have ever seen at Parque Warner, unloading/loading trains within a minute or so. This made for lines no longer than 25 minutes all day. The drop is probably one of the best ones out there, only rivalled by Dive Machines. There is something really unnerving about being lifted backwards only for your bodyweight to rest completely on a harness and then, wham! pure freefall! Being an old Vekoma, it had a slight headbanging but it was just worth every moment of it!

No new credits for me but still a good day of coaster riding!
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Last Cred: Millennium Force

Was hoping to pop onto TTD last night (in town for some family this week), but alas broke down when I was next in line to jump on, right before park closing. So I hustled over to Millennium for a last-row night ride. You can call MF overrated, forceless, or whatever - it is just, a great night ride with some phenomenal views.


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Miner Mike, Dunes Leisure

Shameful kiddie cred for the count, but of course went front row. Was surprised it did backward laps, more surprised it did more backwards than forwards.
The full circuit time lasted the length of Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball, so I imagine the op likes that song.

Had worst rides in my life.


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Infusion - Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Having never bothered to get in this in prior trips to BPB, finally got onboard. I’m not the most fussy with regards to roughness but you really get an ear bashing on this one. In nutshell for UK SLCs:-
- Jubilee Odyssey at Fantasy Island for scale and a wow factor from the initial lift and drop.
-Kumali at Flamingo Land for smoothest (not saying smooth but relatively) for an SLC, I think the track design may help
- Infusion has the water it goes over which looks good from outside the ride, but the actual ride I can’t say I particularly enjoyed...

Ranking the coasters I rode at BPB yesterday:-

1. Icon - smooth and just feels like a premium quality ride
2. The Big One - last rode over 25 years ago and remains thrilling due to scale, let’s face it there is nothing else like it in the UK, but perhaps beginning to feel almost 30 years old. It was faster than I remembered.
3. Avalanche - I wouldn’t build a bobsled nowadays, better options available but still enjoyable.
4. The Big Dipper - Of the ancient coasters probably my favourite
5. Nickelodeon Flash - Remains a solid old woodie especially with the relatively new plush seats
6. Revolution- A bit of a one trick pony but enjoyed it as you might a drop tower I guess
7. Infusion - Not the best by any stretch as per above
8. Blue Flyer - Solid old coaster I guess, wouldn’t miss it if not there though
9. Grand National - There were kids crying, it was a brutal experience - I don’t think I will ever bother again!

I didn’t manage to get on Steeplechase although have ridden in the past, seemed to have a big slow queue for what it was.


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Uh Oh, DOUBLE POST! #1,054

Yesterday I was able to find a little town carnival going on that had a new-for-me SBF Spinner <3

Fiesta Shows was my local fair operator growing up but they didn't start having coasters until after I moved away, they've now got a Zyklon/Galaxi but I wasn't able to track it down this time, so I'll settle for this... haha

Hopefully this makes up for Jersey Devil being closed, likely.