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I just spent 10x rides on everything at silver dollar city and I’ve been hyping time traveler a ton like I do when I get excited:

the rotation is severely muted right now.
The MOST rotations on one ride was 5, out of 10 rides. In fact, 2 rides we had 1 rotation only (not counting the forced rotation after release from loading) which considering the elements, is super low.

my wife, who doesn’t really do the coaster enthusiasm thing (but does want to ride nonstop for 2 days), was disappointed - which she never really expresses - after we had a ride where we sat in the same orientation the entire ride.

I was on the ride 2 months ago and it was much more free spinning.

Meanwhile, it was hot af and outlaw run ran like a banshee and it is now unanimously my family’s #1 at this park. Back car for force, front car for vision, wait the extra cycles for either. It’s screaming around the track in Missouri summer.
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Last trip was a small jaunt over to PortAv in May. Almost everything in my rankings stayed the same, but there was 2 changes:

Shambhala - Back row with the restraint only 3 clicks down so plenty of room at the end of the day. The airtime was pushing into ejector while getting yanked over the hills, it was sublime. Was my #13 but after my last ride, it got pushed up to #7.

Red Force - This has dropped to the bottom of my ranking. While the airtime over the top hat and on the hump into the brakes is great, the launch is so headache inducingly rough, it just isn't worth it, especially with the intense pull up into the tophat that just compounds it further. I am now firmly in the "Red Force bad" crowd.


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Rage - Adventure Island.
S'alright... I guess.
As Gerstlauer Eurofighters go, this sits towards the lower end of the rankings, if not at the bottom, largely due to it being one of the smallest Eurofighters around. One or two typically jerky Gerst transitions and a bit of headbanging didn't do much for it's cause either.
That being said, it's still quite an impressive coaster for a small'ish seaside funfair. No theming, of course, but a vibrant paint job at least and the enthusiastic staff were running it fairly efficiently.


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Left Branson, MO, and on my way to cedar point. 5 parks, 10 visits in 30 days.

we’re going hard to end the summer right.

kings dominion and that Kentucky place with voyage after.

sorry this is fluff but I felt no place to type this was appropriate.

can’t wait to post again :)
Edit: time traveler is still my god - even if it’s spinless. Until tommorow 😉

if you’re at cedar point Thursday or Friday I’m the dude running back to the steel vengeance que with the time traveler shirt on 😂

tesla plus unicorn head = highway drivers smile

almost to heaven.


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Wicked Twister - yes, going to miss this coaster. It was a perfect sunset on Lake Erie, which made for a perfect backdrop for one last ride. Rode very last row, as one should always do on an Intamin Impulse.


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Cedar point was ride ops legend as usual - especially the gatekeeper team.

New cred for me this trip was a racing Gemini. Always there for 1 train. Nice head chop

Raptor getting rough - that train is just too long.
Steve closed half the day, but opened at 2 - waited til 5 to spam rides. Legend as usual. 2hr wait non fpp, nearly walk in for fp due to emptier park/less fpp sales.

waited for both front and back row of wicked twister, rip homie.

Everything else as great as expected.

Off to - change of plans - six flags great America. Ciao.

time traveler and outlaw run still my favorite #1&2. Hate on that all ya want. Rode em last week for 2 days straight. Time traveler when rotating heavily is random forces and so fun, outlaw run gives the wood out of control and pacing that Steve can’t.


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Boulder Dash

It's been four years since I last rode it, and part of why I haven't been back to Lake Compounce since then was because Dash was not running well then. Well I finally got back it's definitely running better! Lot's of pops of airtime, wild laterals, and certainly kicks your ass. Just don't ride in the back row. Had to hold on for that one, never riding there again lol.

It was a Top 2 ride for me several years ago, but it's not up there anymore. I think part of the reason I rated it so highly was because I hadn't really ridden any other wooden coasters that were actually good. I hadn't done stuff like Voyage, Lightning Rod, Ravine Flyer II, Phoenix, or Mystic Timbers, which are all much better rides and ride a bit better.


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Six Flags Great America, Gurnee, IL - The great, good, bad, ugly, and wtf:

Great - Maxx Force.

This is not talked about enough imo. Spiritual launch. I can’t even really compare it to top thrill/kingda or the Mr. Freezes or anything. The launch is.......transcendent.

and dope layout. Diving into the station is odd...but hey.

Should be in top 50 metal IMO. I’m shocked it isn’t, although it’s new-ish.

Good - Goliath. Too smooth for my tastes, but the dive loop and zero G stall are so perfect.

Demon - first time, dopest Arrow looper I’ve been on. Cool theming especially since it’s at a six flags.

X flight - was just on gatekeeper many times last week and this holds its own. It’s keyhole moment seems to turn super late and front row head/leg chop is awesome. See photo.

Bad - Everything else:

no hate on Whizzer or joker tho - joker bad because the que is eternity because 1 8 rider train on course at once. Sorry Alan. But you did this :)

Ugly - Raging Bull trim brakes. I think I counted 4? Just.....no.

WTF - 20oz bottled water was $10

Onto Georgia!


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Orion: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (than Candymonium)

During the day I thought it was a toss up, but then I had an ERT-esque ride at 10:45 because of fireworks and it overcame my ERT bias towards Candymonium for the last spot in my top 10. Best moments are the drop, airtime pop before brake run, and the speed hill, in that order.


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stopped at six flags STL - Georgia next week - and it’s so packed the line for the ninja was 30 minutes....

after maxx force .... mr freeze is....meh...

still hoping for a failed return!

it’s single train ops for most rides despite a ridiculous crowd. Kinda thinking they wanted to use all those que lines they had built.

good. Take that money and put an RMC at my home park thx.


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Twisted Typhoon, Wild Adventures (#191) - For my first SLC, I was expecting a much worse experience than it actually was. The last few elements were pretty shaky and jerky, with the train making an odd clanging noise through them, but I didn’t get off with a headache or throbbing pain elsewhere - what a relief! Meanwhile those first few valleys had some solid positives, with the roll over being my favorite part of the ride. Despite not being particularly stand-out, Twisted Typhoon is my favorite coaster at Wild Adventures, and my 2nd favorite ride there (only bested by the Hafema river rapids).

Matt N

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I went to Thorpe on Tuesday, and had some interesting rides on some of their coasters. I got 16 rides in in total (!!!), which I was very pleased with!

Stealth (1x row 5, 1x row 7, 1x row 10) - I’ll admit I’m growing increasingly unsure where I stand on Stealth. There’s so much I love about it; the launch is insane, and the airtime over the top hat is brilliant! In the back row especially, you get whipped off of it with a phenomenal amount of sustained ejector! However, am I the only one who’s increasingly finding it a bit rough? I noticed yesterday that it really bopped my head about a fair bit entering and leaving the top hat in a way that it never has before (I’ve only ever noticed a slight rattle in the past), and I found the top hat entry in particular to not be that pleasant at all due to how much the ride was bashing my head about. It’s a shame, as it never used to be that bumpy, and I do love the launch and airtime. I still don’t dislike Stealth on the whole, and I guess the top hat entry and exit are only a little bit of it, but I’m afraid to say it’s definitely dropped a fair bit for me after yesterday; controversially, I’d actually say I prefer Rita based on my most recent experiences with that one. 6/10

Nemesis Inferno (1x row 7, 1x row 1)
- On the contrary to Stealth, I’ll admit Nemesis Inferno is a coaster that’s grown on me a fair bit in recent years, and it was running very well indeed yesterday! Just the right amount of force, great pace, fairly smooth (a touch of headbanging, but nothing major at all); what’s not to like? The tunnel was also in full working order yesterday, with both bright orange lighting and tons of mist; brilliant! One thing I will say is that I don’t think the front on Inferno is quite as much of a drastic improvement as it is on Nemesis for me, but it was still great! Whether or not I prefer it to Nemesis is something I’ll have to decide when I reride the original this coming weekend, but on the whole, Inferno was running great yesterday, and it is a coaster I really enjoy! 9/10

The Swarm (2x row 7, 2x row 5, 1x row 4)
- I’ve always had a real soft spot for Swarm, and yesterday was no exception! That first drop is absolutely insane, I love the raw sense of speed and exposure the winged seating position gives you, the pacing is brilliant, and that last inline twist still gets me with its brilliant negative g-forces every single time! However, following yesterday, I do have a couple of small caveats with it that mean it isn’t 10/10 material for me anymore. Firstly, the vest restraints aren’t terribly comfortable, and seemed to cause me more issue today than they did on my previous visit. Secondly, the one outer seat ride I had, while not rough per se, was surprisingly really juddery, and while the inner seat rides I had later on were pretty smooth, the judderiness of it on that particular outer seat ride did take away from it a bit for me. Thirdly, while I know this one is more down to personal preference, there is one bit of Swarm that I wasn’t finding too enjoyable on Tuesday, and that’s the low helicopter helix. I don’t know whether it was the heat, but that section was consistently making my eyesight go for a good few seconds on Tuesday, and I’m increasingly realising that while Swarm didn’t do anything to my body upon getting off (e.g. making me feel sick, making my head hurt), I don’t personally find that greying out sensation too enjoyable. On the whole, I do still really, really enjoy Swarm, and I’d still say that it’s my favourite at Thorpe Park purely based on how utterly brilliant some of its biggest highs are (the only section I’d say I don’t rate highly is the helicopter helix), but I’m afraid it’s slipped down a bit for me; I can’t personally put it as 10/10 material anymore. 9/10

Saw The Ride (1x row 2)
- Saw has never been my favourite coaster, but I have to say; by Saw standards, it was not running badly at all on Tuesday! I rode in the back row, and I can honestly say that it was possibly the smoothest ride I’ve ever had on Saw! Ultimately, it still isn’t my favourite coaster, because it was a bit of a headbanger on the first drop, and everything after the MCBR, although not as bad as usual, was still a touch too much on the rough side for my liking, but everything after the first drop up to the MCBR was honestly not too rough at all, and it made me realise that I do actually really like Saw’s base layout; I’d argue that it has my favourite layout of any Gerstlauer in the UK, and I love the fast pacing and surprising amount of airtime it has! Overall, while the first drop jolt and rough ending do still ruin it a bit for me, and for that reason, it still isn’t one of my absolute favourite coasters, Saw was not running badly at all on Tuesday! Put it this way; it’s the first time I’ve ever done Saw and not had a pounding headache getting off, so I’ll take it! 6/10

Colossus (1x row 10)
- I’ve never particularly liked Colossus at all, and I’m afraid that Tuesday’s row 10 ride did absolutely nothing to change that. It was extremely rough, and combined with the uncomfortable restraints, I’m afraid it was possibly the worst ride I’ve had on Colossus in some time; I came off with sore ears, sore thighs and an absolutely pounding headache. It’s a shame it’s so rough, because even though I wouldn’t be huge on the second half regardless of ride comfort, I think the first bit of it would ride quite well if it were smoother, and I also find it a really aesthetically pleasing coaster! 2/10

Flying Fish (1x row 17)
- Flying Fish is a fun enough little coaster for what it is; given it’s a small powered coaster, I can’t really think of anything to criticise about it, as even though it’s certainly no Runaway Mine Train, it’s not a bad little ride! Ultimately, though, it doesn’t really stack up against the other coasters in the park by virtue of its much smaller scale. 3/10

If I had to rank the coasters based on how much I enjoyed them yesterday, I’d probably go with:
  1. The Swarm
  2. Nemesis Inferno
  3. Saw The Ride
  4. Stealth
  5. Flying Fish
  6. Colossus
I apologise if I sound a bit harsh on the coasters here (I know that based on my comments, you probably all think I’m a complete pansy in terms of roughness and/or intensity tolerance), but I can only be completely honest with you, and say what I honestly thought and how much I honestly enjoyed the rides.
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I thought this thread was for reviewing the last rollercoasters you rode, which I did do above?

Apologies if it was meant for something else…
I think Hyde means that the topic is "Last Cred Review", not "Last Creds Review". ;)