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GF 666: Curse of the Omen - Trip Reports!


:( .. Wish I could've gone to this one, But alas, I as working. I did see you guys during the course of the day at thorpe, but due to workage, couldn't say hello.. Just amazes me that you didn't ride any of the rides I was working on. Shame. Glad you guys had fun!


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Stone Cold said:
Rach breaking my camera in the first place: No Thanks.
I felt right guilty up until I fixed it. I'm stupidly clumsy.
Stone Cold said:
Rach fixing my camera: Thanks.
Even though I am clumsy, I can fix cameras that look as if the best place for them is the bin.

Rach is silly.

Anyway, while I have an hour spare (I should really be doing work, but fook it) here's the Thorpe report.

Surprisingly, we got up on time and were out of the hotel on time even with 3 people to get into costume and one to get ready normally. A moving traffic jam on the M25 was not wanted, nor were road maps that you have trouble reading when stuck in the back of a car.
We managed to get to Thorpe at around quarter past 9 and saw that some goons were already there. Names obviously don't need to be mentioned as it is pretty obvious who they are.

Mark and Marc then arrived while we were waiting in the AP queue. Mark looked amazing in his angel and demons costume. You could so tell how much time and hard work went into making that costume.
We had around 40 minutes to wait till gates opened and was quite surprised as to how little people were in the entrance area of Thorpe compared to previous years.

That 40 minutes went quickly and the queues for the turnstiles built up, but not drastically like in previous years.
I could see people buying tickets on the gate, but at silly rates, so while I was a bit pissed off that Thorpe hadn't completely stuck to their 'Strictly Pre Booking' system, I was happy they were getting more money out of them.

The gates opened and in we went, the staff member who was scanning APs took our pre booked tickets off us and I did hear her asking people for the pre booking confirmation. Well done Thorpe, sticking to what they say they are going to.
I didn't get searched by security, but some members did, so after a bit of a wait there, we headed into the park.

We still had at least 10 minutes till the advertised meet up time, so with Rush walk on, we walked onto it for a quick swing in the morning. A lot of us that went on said that this could be the only ride we got on like in previous years, however, we were all proven wrong! :D

I actually am really starting to enjoy Rush a lot more than what I have done in the past. :)

The few of us that went on Rush, then headed over to meet up where we found A-Kid and Beans already there.
The organizer then done some organising and it was at this point that I was asked to judge the costume competition. I happily agreed to and would like to thank Mark for the opportunity to do it. :D

Mark also posed for a fair few photos over the day as this report will likely show. He wanted lots of photos, so I hope we delivered them as like I've already said, his costume was awesome.

We had a surprise costume person this year in the form of Stone Cold as Hellboy. The red face paint needed re doing quite a few times over the day as Tanya found out.

This is where the clumsy accident of the day happened where I managed to drop and promptly break Stone Cold's camera. I felt guilty for the rest of the day. :(

Eventually, the rest of the group materialized bringing with them a few new faces. There has been a lack of new faces this year, so it was good to finally see some new people at a Live. Shame I didn't speak to any of you more.
We had a quick costume photo first before moving on to our first group ride of the day.

So we moved onto our first ride of the day, this was to be Inferno seeing as Stealth was as usual; closed.
Small queue of about 15 minutes was in order, this was considerably better than the 3 hour one in 2007 and happily, the queue really didn't get much higher than 40 minutes throughout the day.
Inferno was as good as I remember and with the added mist was fab. Even though I did get it weeing on me as it went through the tunnel.
We spent a while sat on the break run for some reason, but once that was over and everyone was off, Det was calling us.

So our second ride was Det. The queue was advertised at 15 minutes, which seemed about right till CF joined. As per usual, we made the queue.
Det was full of <3. The ops held us up there for a while pretending it was buggered and it just fell. Major airtime and major surprise. <3

While waiting for everyone to come off Det, Mark posed for more angel and demon photos.

Meanwhile, Neal managed to acquire a Brad shaped boob.

Our next ride was the Rapids that already had a full queue. But we knew that the queue would move, and move it did! We had about 30 seconds to get 8 people into one boat before it went. We managed it, and wet - we got! Silly tunnel.

After the Rapids, it was already time to break for our lunch break. I went to KFC which ended up being another avoid Goon session this time not allowing him any where near our tables.
Once KFC was consumed, I started to do the scores for the costume competition as we headed over to the Dome so that Mark and Big John could get a Walk About photo.

We headed over to Loggers for meet up where I completed my results for the costume comp and handed them over to Mark. I decided to sit out of Loggers as I didn't feel much like getting wet.
I benched: the ride with Tanya who was sewing Mark's costume back together. I decided that I'd felt guilty for breaking the camera long enough so found it out my bag and set to work trying to fix it.

It took me about 10 minutes to get the lens back into place and for it to start taking photos again. Eventually, it worked as good as new apart from the rather large dent in it. It worked: that was the main thing.
Now not feeling guilty, I put it back in my bag and got my own camera out.

Saw and orange trees, a fantastic combination.

By the time I had taken photos of Saw and fixed the camera, the group had got off Loggers. I gave the now not_so_broken camera back to its owner who seemed rather taken aback by the fact it was working.

After that, it was time for a slow moving Slammer queue. Slammer is always full of win and this ride was no exception. I love leaving the lap bar to support my weight as it rotates. Slammer <3

Vadge and 3 others used Vadge's spacker band to ride it, where it would've been quicker to just main queue. I caught them on the ride anyway.

While waiting for them to get of Slammer, goon tormenting took place. Lots of his ridiculous costume was removed and thrown around between the group. I did not get involved, but it was amusing.

The next ride was Samurai which I also sat out of. Slammer is enough for one day. So while we waited, I set up my camera for the group photo which was to be done outside Saw.
While waiting, I also took photos of things.

As well as rides, we have a fair few member photos too!

Eventually, after around half an hour, the group got onto Samurai.

After everyone had come off Samurai, it was time for the group photo before it got dark. Rather than using the steps (they're no longer there anyway) we decided that we should do the photo by Saw, so that, we done.

In case you missed them:

And we also got a costumer photo. Well done to those that actually looked at me!

Our next stop was Colossus. This also didn't have a long queue like last year. This one lasted around 45 minutes. I actually really enjoyed Colossus this year. And rather than waiting for another train, staff were asking for 2s. So me and Tom decided to use those seats to get on quicker.
It wasn't as rough as usual and was actually a lot quicker than usual. :)

By now, it was starting to get dark and it had gone 4pm, so the mazes had now opened meaning that the rest of the queues in the park were a bit smaller.
So we decided to do Rush, which only had a 15 minute queue. Cheers Vadge for letting me use your spacker band. :)
Toilet time followed before going back to meet to see the group just coming off.

Vortex was next and by this time, it was time to break out the small quantity of glow sticks we had for Thorpe. I sat out again and ended up sitting on the floor. Pins and needles are not a fun game when they make you fall over and squash Mark's foot!

Night photography was on the agenda. Tripod - it should've been used.

Mark was posing again for more photos in front of the lights.

We had a 20 minute break to grab some food or the toilet before meeting back up at Stealth for a go in the dark with priority passes that we had from opening day.
The main queue for Stealth was only 45 minutes and for Fright Nights that was quite surprising.

Before we rode, Mark and I worked out the scores for the costume comp. The top 4 or so were close, with the biggest gap being between 1st and 2nd place. And that was only 10 odd points.
Well done to everyone that dressed up and endured it throughout the day. The costumes were great this year, and I'm glad I got the opportunity to judge them. Cheers Mark! :D

So once that was done, it was time for Ian to distribute the fast passes for Stealth. Cheers to Peep for letting us have them to skip the queue, appreciated. And to those that couldn't ride due to there not being enough as well.
Stealth was absolutely fantastic in the dark! (There's an ORP to be uploaded in due course). I nearly managed to lose my glow sticks as the train came back down, but caught them just in time before they flew off my head.

The next ride would be Saw in the dark. And this was also to be the longest queue of the day and that was just over an hour. We had a great laugh in the queue graffitiing AJ, Will and Brad with fake blood.

I think the shop in the queue is a great idea despite it being near the end of the queue as you go into the building. It provided me with some much needed Sprite and others with chocolate. Good move Thorpe, I like it!
A few pig actors were wandering around the outside of the queue which was as Will said "worse underneath the pig". There really should've been a few more live actors to make it that bit better.

The rack scene was pretty amusing with Will shouting at them "No" whenever the one in the rack screamed "Help Me!"
Eventually, we got on the ride and I have to agree with those that say Saw is better in the dark. It was substantially better. I did complain a lot through the ride as I found it amusing and so did Will by the sounds of it! :p

Loved the fire affects on the Saw shop as well. I think the 2 pig actors that were at the exit could've been better placed and interact with guests a bit more as to me Saw: Live was just Saw.

By now, I was getting fed up of Thorpe as we had done all we wanted to. And I wanted a shower seeing as I was in a rush that morning. Thankfully, Tanya and Big John also had had enough. Stone Cold who drove us there (cheers!) had had a few drinks by now which left Tanya to drive us back to the Lodge.

That was by far the best day at Thorpe I've had with a large CF group. Great organisation by Mark and the park was behaving itself as well.
For me, the Thorpe day beat the Chessington day by quite a long way.
That has been the best GF I've been to (and I've now done 3) and would go as far as saying that that was the best Live of the year.

For the full Facebook album go here
http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=3 ... ad9ee04af0

And I'll get the Chessington report up as soon as possible.


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Rachs' Trip Report is full of win.
Every CF trip I have done this year has been Fab (except Thorpe - Saw opening, (however nothing to do with CF)).

But this has been the best UK live I have done to date, both days were amazing. Also Chessington > Thorpe


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I only just got home late last night, so haven't been in here until now.


Yay for my first UK Live! I very nearly didn't make it thanks to about 3 hours sleep and way too much drink the night before, but soooooo glad I stopped being a fanny and dragged my arse to Chessington.

It was great to see a lot of people from the Denmark Live again, especially Ian, Mark and Marc, though I love all of you! Also great to see Furie and Vadge again, who I haven't seen for a while.

Fantastic to meet so many new people as well. It seems a bit horrible to name names when it was great to meet so many people, but **** it!

Jake and Erol: have had very little contact with outside the CF forums, but got on brilliantly with both of them throughout the day. Big love!

Ben and Kir: have chatted loads on msn for ever, for drunk hours at a time (on my part) in Kir's case, but had never actually met before. Ben, you're such a c@nt, I love you! Kir is lovely as well; thanks for taking my Dragon's Fury virginity. It was extremely special and not painful at all!

Anyway, since I'm back in the country for the forseeable future, I will definitely be making an effort to get to more Lives next year.



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I can't do any work while I've got CF in mind. Come downs, they really are not welcomed! Nor can I do said work while I'm suffering from CF Flu as well. So have a Chessington report earlier than I thought I'd write it.

Tuesday morning, it was a long one. Me trying to be social and stay in one room until everyone went to bed worked this time, but for the first time since I've been hoteling with CF, I fell asleep at 1 in someone else's room and woke up half an hour later. Whoops.
When bed did happen, asleep times were disturbed for 15 minutes at 4am and as a result, Tuesday was a late one.
We eventually left the hotel at quarter to 10 when originally we wanted to be out at half 9. Being 10 minutes away, we thought this was not going to be a problem. A problem - it WAS. Stupid temporary traffic lights meant we didn't get to Chessie till about 25 past 10 and to make matters worse, we were parked in over flow.

We got through the turnstiles (or for me the staff with hand scanner) and off to the Greedy Goblin we went to meet up with people. Other people were going to be late as they were stuck in horrid traffic too, so the first ride was Sea Storm.
Stomach ache, I had one, so I sat out of Sea Storm and ventured to the nearest shop to purchase Fanta.
They had Icy Lemon, I have not seen this for ages so I brought one immediately! I then encountered a rather pleasant member of staff. Customer service - she was good at it! (Sorry college mode)

The latecomers had now arrived and everyone was off Sea Storm, so our next stop was Bubbleworks with what looked like a long queue before we joined it. This queue moved quickly, happily. MMF was given an inflatable gun, this meant I needed to watch my eyes.
Inflatable hats were also in attendance.

Bubbleworks was VERY wet. And not from the ride itself. The boat in front consisting of a Neal, Stone Cold, Tom and someone else thought it amusing to splash the water all over us. Wet, I was very! (Now I know where this cold may have come from) The jacket I was wearing was still wet when I got home Wednesday afternoon.

Vampire was next and had got an advertised queue time of 50 minutes which ended up being right! Lots of talking and taking photos happened during this queue. Was interesting talking to Ewan about Thorpe etc.

Eventually, we got on. Bang. Jolt. Ow. Jolt. Ow. Bang. was basically how this ride went. But it still is a fab ride. Love the tunnel bit with the lights. Great ride, shame about the jolts.

By this time, it was already time for lunch. Greedy Goblin it was! The menu there was not very Rach friendly (fussy eater and Emetophobia (google it)), so a plate of chips and coke was consumed. It was nom.
Lunch was amusing, everytime the waitress walked past with food, Big John would groan as she walked past. She was laughing everytime. She brought out our food before the rest of the CFers in there had got theirs and they ordered before us.
Once it had been eaten, we headed over towards Dragons Falls. Long walk - it was.

Got over there to see most of CF already assembled. It was faffle time as usual and this year there were lots of prizes donated from various people and places. For the first time, I won something.
Cheers to the person who brought the light purple Insane top, it's in the cupboard ready for wearing. :)

I didn't fancy Dragons Falls, so bloused. Was going to go on Tomb Blaster with Vadge and her spacker band, but it was down when we went over, so I ended up heading back to where everyone was sitting.
Photos, I took lots of them.

And now onto photos of members on the actual ride. I went and stood like a lonely goon by the first drop. Though I actually needed some time to myself, so this was a good opportunity.

With that being the last boat, I headed round to the end of the ride where there is the most perfectly placed fountain perfect for spiteage.

Next ride was Tomb Blaster. This had a silly slow moving queue so decided not to ride it in favor of sitting on a cold brick wall talking to people. It was at this point I realised how quiet I had been over the past 3 days and made me a bit upset. More time to sit on my own.
Some faff photos.

By this time, it was becoming dark again, so it was time to do the group photo in front of the cauldron by the flying Dumbos.
Pre group photo shots can always lead to amusing photos.

And here are the group photos incase you missed the larger versions on page 3.

Rameses was the next stop, but I also didn't really fancy doing this, so didn't bother. Rameses makes good light trails, but a tripod should've been used. This time gave me a good chance to blind people with the flash of death.

By now, it was dark enough for the vat of glow sticks to come out. With me already having enough, I didn't take any of Ian's but cheers for giving them out anyway :). A bit of faffage occurred while everyone secured glow sticks to themselves and Ian gave out ball connectors which prompted lots of balls to be made.

Our next stop was to be Rattlesnake where everyone was still constructing their glow stick costumes in the queue. And some of us (me) were getting cramps in their hand from fixing too many together. Owch times.

This glow stick ball trebled in size as the night went on.

Rattlesnake - it is pretty at night, pretty good too.

Glow sticks = Happy CFers
After what a been a pretty dull day soon became eventful.

Our next ride and probably the best ride in the park was Dragons Fury. The queue weren't stupidly long, but I decided to sit out. Vadge asked me if I would like to use spacker band with her, so I did. Cheers.
Amazing ride in the day and even better at night! Got quite a good spin on it as well. :)

Vadge and her Vadge stick of glow sticks

Glow stick ball - it was growing, so much so we had to run around from our bench to see it.

This was the glow stick ball result 20 minutes later.

Our next stop after Fury was Buccaneer for the CF shouting. We had a boat to ourselves and the staff were really getting into the swing of things with us. Lots of COASTER FORCE was shouted resulting in lots of lost voices by the end of it.
Great ride and I can imagine how proud it makes Ian feel seeing a glowing boat of CFers shouting COASTER - FORCE at each other while lobbing glow sticks at each other.

Mark agreed to doing a Glow Stick photo after Buccaneer and before we rode Vampire in the dark. So this was done. The location we done it in last year had been filled with lights and lockers annoyingly, so we had to find another place which was outside one of the Vampire signs.
This really made me glow seeing everyone glowing for the photos. Sadly, I couldn't be in this one so I could take the photo.

And incase you missed them (page 3 for bigger and better quality)

So once that was done, it was Vampire time. The queue was in roughly the same position as what it was when we rode in the day, but this time it moved quicker with lots of glow sticks and a lot more singing. Happy times - they are for everyone! :D
Fantastic way to end a fantastic year by lots of singing in the queue. It was at this point I knew that the byes would be the hardest for 3 years.

Vampire - it is AMAZING at night! Absolutely love the tunnel bit, so disorientating. I wanted to ride again, but the queue had closed. Luckily we had an Erol!

Once we had all exited the ride, it was time for the speeches by Ian and a rather quiet Mark. Without the hard work by Ian and Mark, this would not have happened, so I can't thank these 2 enough for this. You could see it was making Ian feel uncomfortable when it was 3 cheers time. :)
So after lots of 3 cheers time and "when I say COASTER, you say FORCE"
Ian announced that Erol had managed to get us a couple of laps on Vampire as a small ERT session. Mah00sive thanks to Erol and the staff at Chessington for this. Fantastic way to end the day with 2 laps of it without getting off. :D

It was now time to say the byes which I had been dreading since the start of the day. And still now, I hate thinking about it. Rather than doing the massive goodbyes outside the entrance, we done it in the middle of the park as some of us were in over flow.
Sad times, they happened. :( and soon enough it was time to leave and head our separate ways to the car parks.

It hit home hard on the way back to Ian's that night as to what a fantastic year it had been and more importantly what a fantastic Live it had been. Upset times, they happened. I think Ian noticed that something was wrong on the way home, but thankfully it was dark...

I don't think I hardly said a word the remainder of that night and on the way home Wednesday morning. I know I felt upset for the remainder of the trip, but I didn't want it to end :(

For the full Chessington album:
http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=3 ... 56317f50fa


I'd just like to end by saying a massive thanks to everyone who has transported me, put me up and been at Lives and meets over the year for one of the most fantastic years ever! The start of the year was a hard time for me, but thankfully with the help of CF, I picked myself up and got on with it.
It still hurts now as I found out rather embarrassingly Tuesday night.
You're all ****ing awesome people though and great to be in the company of and here's to 2010! :D
If you ever need picking up, go to parks with CFers, if you ever want the best birthday imaginable, then go with CFers to a random place :D


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I may as well begin writing a trip report of sorts.
Sorry for the length and lack of pictures. All photos I took at Thorpe can be found here:
http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=4 ... 0cda58a472

Thorpe Park:
Was going to take the train but decided to drive instead. Got to the park at around 9:30 and the first thing I realised was how quiet it was. We got out and met with the crowds outside the gate. We asked the woman where we had to go with our ticket confirmation thing and she pointed to a queue behind here to the advance ticket collection. The silly thing was that the actual ticket booths didn't open until 10 so by the time we got to the front of the queue it was already quarter past. To make it worse the woman at the desk said we needed the credit card we used to book the tickets so she could get the last 4 digits. We used our mums credit card to book them so I had to call her at work and get her to tell me what they were. We got our tickets but got in normally just by scanning our annual passes at the gate which makes me wonder if we could of just done that in the first place.

Anyway toilet stop was first in the dome and then we headed over to the meet-up point. Spent a while saying hi to everyone and seeing all the people who wore costumes (fantastic btw except for Steven's). Once everyone had arrived we headed over to Inferno for our first ride. Last year we did the same and the queue was almost 3 hours. This year it was only 15 so we were all gleaming with the idea of a quiet and more relaxed day at the park. Steven provided a good fail in the station when he went to put his bag on the other side of the platform and the staff thought his seat was empty to locked it which meant he got back to a closed seat.:lol: Inferno was actually quite good this time. Usually I get quite dizzy when it ends but I was fine this time. Was nice to see the smoke working again although it was only in the end of the tunnel as the front just dripped water onto you.
After everyone was off we headed over to Det. The queue moved quite quickly and I got talking to Spicy who's really nice. The staff seemed to be enjoying themselves as well and had fun interacting with guests. With the first ride with CF'ers they pretended it was broken at the top and then dropped it when they weren't expecting it and with ours they held it up the top for ages and shouted 'timmbbbrrree' as we plummeted. Great fun.
After this we headed over to the rapids. The queue was full but it moved really quickly as staff were really good at filling every boat. I only just got in ours before if got to the end of the turntable. Az (awesome cossie by the way) got told of by staff for having his brolly up but he put it back up for the tunnel as the water fell from above and soaked everyone.

Once we got off we were met by the sickening site of Steven sitting on a bench in his costume with the bucket of sweets in between his legs.
I think after this we decided to split for lunch. Most opted for KFC. We all brought ours and when Mushroom and Ciall asked us to wait while they picked theirs up we dashed out and over to the fish and chip place where my brother got his lunch. We finished lunch early so just walked around the park. We found Stevens devil willy outside Asylum (which we didn't know at the time) so Peter took it back with us to the meet-up point.
Back outside Loggers most people had already re-grouped. Mark and Jordan began dancing to that was coming out of the nearby speakers.
Only about half the group decided to do Loggers including me. I was at the front of ours and got soaked as it was full of water which all came rushing down and flooded up to my knees. When I came off my shoes, socks and bottom of trousers were soaked and I had to empty the water out of my trainers. Not happy.
After this was Slammer. Even though the queue was short it took ages to get on because the staff were really slow. Also just before we started spinning I noticed my phone was about to slide out of my pocket so I had to grab it and put it in another pocket before we moved. Quite lucky I noticed it.
After Slammer people began tormenting Steven by stealing his trident thing and running away with it passing it between various members. This resulted in it breaking which was funny. :p
I think after this we did Samurai (it may of been before Slammer). The queue for this took about half an hour and I was unlucky and ended up next to goon. Bad times :(

I can't remember exactly what we did but I think after this we went into the Saw plaza and got the group photos done.
Next was Colossus which had quite a fast moving queue as once again the staff were trying to fill every seat. I still really like this coaster. My favourite coaster at Thorpe and that day it seemed to belt round the track really fast. The inline twists at the end were taken at quite a speed.

After this we did Rush which was had hardly any queue followed by Vortex. While queueing for this it began to get dark quickly so we got our first night ride. The queue was hilarious as we made Steven think he had bird **** down his back. Kudos has to go to the general public for playing along as well. :lol:
Also got into some really out of hand conversations and Steven told us how the check up at the hospital after having his blood tested after falling of his bike led to him finding out he had a high sperm count. TMI muchly.
Also Steven spent the whole queue saying how he was going to get the seat that ends up at the top of every swing and how he was going to ask the ride ops to make him sit there. We told him they wouldn't listen to him so we found it hilarious when he ended up on the bottom of every swing.
After Vortex we split for a small tea break before heading to Stealth. I can't remember what we did in this time. I think we just walked around for a bit and got a hot-dog from the diner near Stealth. Once we all met up again Mark announced the costume comp winner before Ian dished out loads of exit passes for Stealth. The queue was only 30 mins but we used them anyway. Stealth in the dark was alright. It's got worse now and the curve into the hill hurts as does the bottom of the drop.
Once we were all of I think we did Saw. This was the longest queue of the day at just over an hour. There were some amusing times in here like AN getting blooded up and Will being called gay by a group of chavy boys who were all wearing pink skirts. The actors were also pretty cool but it would of been nice to see a few more of them or them being more energetic. Also it was nice to see staff dressing up as well on the platform. The ride was actually alot better in the dark. The bathroom scene was actually looking alot better as it was lit well and you could see the body clearer and more detail as you were spun upside down. Still good fun and the actors at the end had a staring contest with AJ which he won. :lol:
After we were all off we had done most rides in the park so Mark called the live to a close as some people were tired and wanted to head off early.
I stayed till park close and went off with my bro, Peter, Ciall and Martyn. First we were deciding what to do as we still had three fastracks left each from opening day. We went over to Inferno first and rode that in the dark. From the lift hill we could see into the arena and saw the Se7en had barely any queue at all so we headed there. Martyn didn't want to do it so sat at the entrance. We got in the queue and got all the way down near the front. But after 10 minutes we hadn't moved at all so decided to leave and go do Stealth. We went to tell Martyn but he had gone from the entrance. We all tried ringing his phone several times but he didn't answer so we went off and rode Stealth again.
On the way back we saw some chavs vaulting the fence and messing around on the trampolines. Ciall grassed them in to two security people who we passed. We laughed as they said they'd sort it out but walked straight into KFC.
After that we went back to Se7ens entrance and Martyn was there again watching the only way in and out of the arena. I snuck up behind him and scared him (I also shouted so loudly other guests screamed as well :lol:) he jumped a mile which we found hilarious (except for him).
we then headed back to Stealth again as Martyn wanted to do it. On the way back we saw the two security people we saw a few moments earlier emerge with KFC meals and we laughed. But then when we walked past the trampolines there were about four security staff there rounding them up and sorting them out which was amusing to watch.
After this I think we decided to do X://No Way Out IN THE DARK!!! (dun dun dun). We got there and there was no queue at all. In fact people were coming out the entrance and we had no idea why. We walked along the corridor inside and a group of girls in front of us went round a corner and then came running back screaming. We went on and there was a live actor there scaring people which I though was great. We congratulated him in keeping the queue short for us and carried onto the station and straight into the car lol.
It was actually pretty light inside and you could see some of the track. After that I can't remember what we did. I think we just headed over to Asylum and got in the queue for that. It moved really quick and we were in in no time. The maze seemed to go on forever and was really disorientating. Although the actors didn't seem as energetic this year. We had a group of chavy people behind us who were fine except they were talking during the brief at the start and at the end with the guy with the chainsaw the let go of the line and ganged round him. We didn't see what happened as we carried on walking out but we heard the chainsaw go and a while after us they came out as well.
On our way out we decided to stop by Colossus as Ciall lost his phone on it earlier.
We then headed out the park where I met my dad and went back to his flat to get some sleep for the next day.

Now I wonder how many people actually read all of that. :p


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I skipped it because it looks boring. PHOTOS. It's not that hard.

@Ian I hope you saw John nearly twat two employees with Melons! He was playing how far can you kick it on the ground. booted it just as two people carrying lightup stuff (i think) walked past. They turned round gave bemused faces and went on their way.

Oh and the woman in the Chicken shop had THE best name second behind RACHEL ADEDEJI. Her name was Olufunmilayo. I kid you not it's on a receipt I just found in my wallet!



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My god, this sounded good... I wish I'd come with you guys! I'll be coming next year, have to find my own transport but I shall try my best to come to Thorpe next year and hopefully Chessie aswell! Other than that, it looks like you all had a great time gooning about.

And what the hell was Steven wearing. Was he surfing satan? The red sperm? The swan lake fiend that was never cast?

Seriously Steven, what were you meant to be?


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Whilst waiting by the lake near Vortex, a few of us discussed which Monopoly squares were associated with certain CFers.

Square by square, road by road the monopoly board was defined by different CF characters.

When we got to the browns, it became more about naming the squares in order. Will and Jordan are blessed with a great knowledge of the Monopoly board!

Multiple Monopoly innuendos flew from every direction.

Mark drew my attention to Eclipse's lights, several glow sticks were cracked open and Steven was shat on.



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Ollie said:
There were some amusing times in here like AN
This AN, he sounds like a MIGHTY fine fellow!

AND, just so i don't sound completely incapable :p, I did my own blood on my own because everyone REFUSED to touch the blood with their hands!!!

[Apart from Brad, who groped my breast to create a lovely hand mark =D]

Oh another amusing point, Steven claimed to be a better dancer then me... Marc suggested a dance off.... Steven wanted to dance to some sort of heavy metal song i believe, to which the members in the Vortex queueline looked VERY un-amused.
There was no dance off... Well, steven suggested one later at thorpe by stealth when it was SILENT.... Yes.... he is very silly.


The one memory I will bring home from Chessie is Burger King and the stick I got all afternoon from Mark and Ewan about row 4 & 5 on Inferno, especially from Ewan, won't be ordering from there in a hurry again. LOL

Great report Rach and beutiful pics.


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We had an idea to all sit on one side of the boat on Bubbleworks and see how far we could tip it.
Here's how we got on... :p



Bit further...

GONE!!! (water overlapped the edge as boat behind hit us and tipped us further)

Is that a CF first? :p


^ Absolutely not...Me, Rich, Neal and Jordan were ahead of you and we sunk our boat. And we soaked all of the people in the boat behind for creating the wave the sunk us.

Ahhh, good times!


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Beans said:
The one memory I will bring home from Chessie is Burger King and the stick I got all afternoon from Mark and Ewan about row 4 & 5 on Inferno, especially from Ewan, won't be ordering from there in a hurry again. LOL
Double Bacon Cheeseburger :lol:


Double Whopper, I feel I may have underestimated how big it would be, thanks Brad.

Made me look like a right big piggy


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^Swap in Row 4 please, swap in row 4!!!

Well, I have now got a somewhat stable-ish internet connection and a rotten stinking cold which has been building up alllll week. Enough to say a little bit, not enough for pictures to be uploaded. Oh well, we can drag the excitement and trip reportage out a little then!

Anyways, Thorpe was astounding and I am so chuffed that it was more the park I loved back in the days of the Wardley Weekender and the early GFs. Keep the pre-book scheme I say! I will be writing an email of massive thanks and praise for the day at Thorpe too. Will post a response, should I recieve one. We are quick enough to complain when they get it wrong, so it is only fair we praise when it is due.

Favourite moments of Thorpe... (At the moment)
*** Our ride count. Rush (pre-meet-up), Inferno, Det, Rapids, Loggers, Slammer, Samurai, Collosus, Rush, Vortex, Stealth and Saw. Certianly the best in recent years!

*** AtoZ/Celeb games in the rapids queue. We even got members of the public joining in!

***The costumes. Awesome that even Stone Cold joined in! That should be noted by the rest of you!

***Seeing all my best friends again.

***Becoming scare actors in the queue with Big John and AJ. You are scum you worthless lump of worm dung....

There are countless more and I have no doubt that when I get the chance to view more photos memories will flood in.

This day reminded me why I love organising GF so much. So thank you to all. <3

Can I just say a huge thanks (for the ones I have seen so far) for some amazing costume photos of both me... Was my favourite costume ever and I really got into it. Not bad considering I didnt even start it till the Friday before the event... and of course, everyone else. Let us hope we see even more costumes in future.

Anyways, after the events of the lodge, which I am not going into as it is not the CFLive, many people were suffering from hangovers on arrival to CWoA. HAH, self inflicted and we shall make it worse. First by spiinning rides on Seastorm and then with ridiculous music in Bubbleworks.

The first half of the day seemed as though people were still finding their legs and some form of energy reserve. Thankfully this all changed with the Tomb Blaster times.

Glowsticks was major awesomeness. Excellent job Ian. <3

I have no idea what spurred on the singing from Rattlesnake onwards but I liked, sorry, <3 it! Was amazing fun, even if my throat has been totally trashed since! I think we covered the majority of a night at G.A.Y and some butch bits too. Was mega good fun and good to see everyone joining in.

Oh Adediji how we all love your name. Was good fun and this really took off on Rameses and the pirate ship...

As always the CF shout battle was awesome with a complete boat of load glowstick wearing loudness and then we chucked in the Adediji and some rather off colour (yet highly amusing) references to celebrities lost this year....

The epic singing continued into the Vampire queue with even more epic songs. Bohemian Rhapsody awesomeness even without the Lee Evans dance to accopmany it. Bat out of Hell was also awesome, even if very few knew the verses LMAO.

Thanks to everyone for making me feel revitalised and for a great couple of days. Bring on the 2010 season!!!

PS. Photos as soon as possible...
Ollie said:
We walked along the corridor inside and a group of girls in front of us went round a corner and then came running back screaming. We went on and there was a live actor there scaring people which I though was great. We congratulated him in keeping the queue short for us and carried onto the station and straight into the car
HAHAA that was no actor, that was my brothers mate scaring everyone. We had such a fun time seeing everyone **** themselves! We then moved to the exit to scare people and the bag handlers told us that the ride op was too scared to leave through the exit and he needed the toilet!! And he was a 20 oddyr old guy!


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Just checked the website about my contact lenses...

"How long can I use your contact lenses for?
Our contact lenses can be worn for up to 8 hours at a time."