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GF 666: Curse of the Omen - Trip Reports!


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Guess I'm first back...

Got to Staines station at 10:07 precisely and carpooled with Jordan, Will Cathy and AJ. Arriving at Thorpe car park (already late) we faffed for ages waiting for AJ to be man enough to take of his trousers in public and change into his beady angel costume with very scary contact lenses...

Got to the meet and saw who had good costumes and who (Steven) had ridiculously overdone costumes. Apparantly part of his costume was bought in a porn shop! Anyway, Inferno was up first and it was surprisingly faster than what I expected. Fun, fun, fun...then Det was next where the ride op played a very nice practical joke on a few of us. I'm sure it will be explained later. Then I think was the rapids which was alright and then was lunch break.

I went with a bunch of people who went to KFC, the best of the fast food crap shops.We then spent a while on guitar hero in the arcade while watching Goon fail at gambling. Lunch over.

Meet up was at Loggers where about half rode and half stayed off. I stayed off and with everyone else, we had a train ride around Canada Creek!!! Yay for train times! We then went to Saw but realised that our fast passes weren't valid for Saw (it's all Ian's fault) so we did Colossus instead where Leighton didn't let me pass :( . Then we did Rush and Vortex which were alright...Dinner break.

A few of us went to meet Lain at the entrance in his Shaun costume and had a Burger King (eugh) dinner. Stealth in the dark via exit passes was fun and it was followed by Saw.

Saw's queue (this deserves its own paragraph) was much longer than expected yet was not boring. Lol at the staff in the big open spaces trying to sell us glow sticks and pink hats. During this time, Jordan had transformed AJ from a whiteangel into a bloody, scary and terrifying demon: it was literally the best halloween costume I had ever seen! (you will see photos of it soon) He was even able to pretend he worked for the park and he succeded in scaring some people in the queue! Good one...Getting into the building I was under the impression that Saw the Ride was going to come alive. It didn't. The man in the torture device was crap, as was the pig-masked tormentor and what was the point of the caped man on the platform? Anyway, the ride was alright and at the exit, AJ completely won a staring competition with one of the actors.

That was when the meet-up ended. Thank you Mark and Ian for organizing such a fab day and I look forward to tomorrow!


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I feel left out. :-( Hope you all had a good day though.

Just for curiosity's sake, how well did the pre-book only thing work out? Did it slash queue times like some people thought it might?


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Yesterday was very good. <3

Park was far less busy than recent years. We still had to queue ages for Saw in the dark, but that's expected. Nothing else had a particually long queue.

Yay, now for Chesseeeeeeie.


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i went to thorpe park to meet up with everyone from coaster force however i couldnt find anyone coz i was late however i did have fun and got a picture of me and my sister with one of those pig things from saw


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I went to Chessie today and I think I saw you guys but I wasn't sure so I had a fun day with my family
It would of been a bit stupid if I went up to a random group and they weren't you guys
Still had a good day though


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Not long got home =] Put it simply, best yet. Just everyone having a lot of fun, jokes etc. Just brilliant. Just couldn't ask for better. May do a full report, but video will come in a couple of weeks probs


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It was fab!


Thorpe NOT being horrible, in fact, Thorpe being GOOD!
Glowsticks <3
Meeting Gavin, and seeing him get CREDS at chessie!
AJ's contacts <3
Losing my voice from singing (in the mum-of-vadge-wagon and at the parks) and screaming in the mazes at Thorpe.

So yeah, awsome weekend, thanks to everyone who made it so much fun and to mark for organising, vadge for the liftage/lodgeage etc



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The best Ghosterforce I've ever been too. Thorpe was actually great, all the rides were running (they even fixed Colossus and Stealth which they said would be down for the day) the queues were almost nothing (thanks to the advance booking thing) and the atmosphere and effort around the park was actually noticeable. There's loads of high points so I won't list them as I'd go on for ages.
Chessington was amazing today as well. Very relaxed and I think by the end of the day everyone knew we were in the park due to all the singing, glowsticks and mexican waves.

Amazing time had and great to see everyone again and meet some new members as well.
Just got to get all my photos and videos of my camera and then going to bed as I' knackered.

Also thanks to Mark for organising it brilliantly and Erol for getting us Night time ERT on Vampire. :)


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Singing <3

Wicked with Ben <3

Hardwick, Nunes and Fry <3

Teaching Ian that Chreyl is amaze <3

2am Pizza <3

Scaring people in the Saw queue <3

Staring out that dirrty BITCH of a pig at SAW <3


I'll write a trip report when I can be shatterrd.


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Home now.

Blooming shattered! But had great fun. Was awesome! Will post more when I am awake and everything. We have got home to orange being cocks with our internet so I am posting using blackberry. Fun times.

Can't say thank you enough to everyone for being a great bunch of people to be around for two days and for being helping keeping faff minimal and basically making it so we all enjoy ourselves. You rock! Closed season is going to S.U.C.K. Possibly monkey balls even! Aaaaaarrrrgggh. Just posting drivel now but am still a bit wired...

Like a bat out of hell...


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The last CF-Live I went to was one I organised in June 2007, and after that I went from going to pretty much every single one to not going at all, and then not posting, and then leaving the mod team... but something told me to come to this one after all this time, and I'm glad I did! I had a really good time!


Rameses Revenge dans le dark was fab, as was Vampire at the front at night, as was Rattlesnake in the dark. Yesss.
Getting to sit between Richard's thighs on Dragon Falls was ****ing superb. Marry me.
Spending proper with people like Ben and Alex who I'd never really properly spoken to in person before.
Seeing a lot of old faces who were confused about my vanishing for a few years but thankfully welcomed me back with arms wide open - literally :)
Dragon's Fury was fab!
Catching up with a few people that I see quite often but will never tire of having a good laugh with.
Having lunch with the fags! Ummm, yes please, all of you can get inside me! Can we make a boyband? Five Fags. Or something. Aww I miss my gorgeous gayboys :(
Meeting Gavin and getting to ride Dragons Fury with him :) And meeting other gorgeous faces such as Vadge and Laura, ummm, I love you lots!
Again, I can't get over getting to sit between Richard's thighs. Seriously. Marry me. I'll even tone down the bright colours.


The only bad bit was a certain somebody trying to physically and literally CLAW their way into my room in the Travelodge. This is not normal behaviour.



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Had an awesome two days and would like to thank everyone who went for making it so good! :--D
I'm absolutely shattered now and need sleep, but it was all worth it!


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Ciall has just arrived back as he, Peter and Martyn went straight from Chessie to Thorpe to go on NI, Stealth and Saw :)

Woah! What a great couple of days. Thorpe was amazing...oh dear, that cannot be used on these forums EVER again. It was virtually empty by 9 and queues were minimal. Could have done with a bit more theming, and Saw could have been much better, but who is complaining? :p

Chessie was a bit of a pain today, but enjoyed well. RACHEL ADEDAJI! Night ERT on Vampire was the sex.

Darren, spicy and Mr Saw are kool beans, to name just a few.

Will put up picture links, more stuff etc when I am not tired and after I visit my mummy tomorrow/today :)

EDIT: I have uploaded pictures :) Feel free to tag yourselves and/or others :)



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Peter and Martyn H are now finally back home at 2:30am and am now shattered - Martyn's already buggered off to bed. :p

Another good Ghosterforce made better by the fact that for the first time in a few years Thorpe wasn't painful. Thanks to all those involved in organising and it's going to be a long hard break until the lives next year.

I didn't take any photos this year, so don't expect any from me. :p


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Cheers all for a fabulous Live. Well done to Mark for great organisation and minimal faff. Many thanks to Bellend for all the glowsticks and tat.

As already mantioned, the big surprise of the trip was Thorpe. They actually stuck to their word and only let in people who had pre-booked. This kept queue times to a reasonable level (half hour for flats, 45 mins for bigger rides, and an hour or so for Saw). I'd be quite happy to pay a few quid again next year if it means I can have as good a day as we did on monday.

Chessie was stupidly busy (we were parked in a field that was so far from the entrance, I might've well just have walked to the park from Brighton), but the queues were ok (an hour or under). Glowstick times as always were fantastic and really pulled everyone together as a group. Well done to Erol for wangling us a couple of ERT goes on Vampire at the end of the day.

As always on Lives, I had an absolutely brilliant time. Huge thanks to everyone for being fabulous! Sadly, the 2009 season is over... but bring on 2010! :D


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It was pretty late when we got back last night, really knackered

All had a fabtastic time at Chessington - thanks all.

I'll get photos up as soon as I can, but can I ask:

If you're going to upload to farcebook, can you not publish or tag people until you've written a report here please?

I was talking with Tina about this, and it's a real shame people say less and show less photos on CF due to the book of face - Even if it's just a couple of comical shots from the Live with a couple of captions, it would be lovely. I don't often catch up on FB, but ALWAYS read the trip reports here on CF.


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Hey everyone, just want to say a big thanks for a truly awesome couple of days, was really nervous at Thorpe , but everyone was really welcoming. Chessie was the best, never thought I'd enjoy it so much, and cheers Erol for getting the ERT. Looking forward to next year now, such a long, long way away. (Oh and by the way, im keeping my username :lol: ....for the moment anyway)


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Great weekend, was great to see people again that I have not seen for some time.

Thorpe was one of the best days I have had there, everything was just perfect.

Chessington was actually the lesser of the 2 days but was still good, and was good to see Gavin again plus others.

I have no internet at home at the moment to no pictures until the weekend, I did not take that many anyway.

The singing in the queue lines at Chessington was epic something I will not forget.

Cheers Mark for the organisation at the weekend.

Cheers Ian for yet another good year.

And thanks everyone for making CF was it is.