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  1. Coaster Chall YouTube

    What Will Happen For Portaventura World's 25th Anniversary In 2020?

    I wanted to upload this thread, because I wanna see a major thrill investment in 2020 for the park's anniversary but I wanna see what you guys think!
  2. Matt N

    Are regular investments into large-scale coasters going to become a thing of the past?

    Hi guys. When I was reading through the Thorpe Park future thread, I had a thought. Many parks these days seem to be building more economical additions to attract guests, even in major years. And it's not only Merlin that is doing this. Take Six Flags, for example. Most of the additions added...
  3. Matt N

    Most polarising roller coasters

    Hi guys. I know this is my second thread of the day, but I would be interested to know your thoughts on which roller coasters really divide opinion. What coasters are like Marmite; some people love them, whereas others hate them? I'll get the ball rolling with a few notable examples I can think...
  4. Matt N

    What was the first foreign roller coaster you ever rode?

    Hi guys. Sorry if there's already a thread like this, but as foreign travel seems to be quite a large part of this hobby, I would be interested to know; what was the first roller coaster you rode outside of your home country/state/region? Mine was The Incredible Hulk Coaster at Islands of...
  5. Matt N

    Coasters that intrigue you

    Hi guys. Sorry if a thread like this already exists or if this is a slightly strange question, but I made this thread to ask if there are any coasters that intrigue you. Not necessarily excite you, but intrigue you. I know this might seem like a slightly strange question, but I'll get the ball...
  6. Matt N

    Lagoon | Primordial | unknown | 2023

    Hi guys. Sorry if this thread is unnecessary or if there's already a thread like it, but according to a video I just watched on Taylor Bybee's YouTube channel, Lagoon in Utah are likely building a new roller coaster for 2020. Construction work is well underway and little is currently known about...
  7. Matt N

    Alabama Splash Adventure getting new coaster in 2019?

    Hi guys. I was just having a read through Screamscape when I found this: This would be a good fit for the park, if you ask me! They could use another decent size steel coaster from the looks of things! P.S. Sorry if this already has a thread. Also, here's the Screamscape link...
  8. GuyWithAStick

    Carowinds | Copperhead Strike | Mack Dual Launch

    Surprised I didn't find a thread for this, but according to Screamscape, Carowinds is set to get a new Mack Rides Double Launch coaster in 2019! This is quite the leak, especially if it turns out to be true! Also yay a proper Mack in the US!
  9. GuyWithAStick

    Parques Reunidos Purchases Knoebels Another one bites the dust...
  10. GuyWithAStick

    Canada's Wonderland | Yukon Striker | B&M Dive Coaster tl;dr: CW is planning to build a new roller coaster for 2019/2020. Right now, they've only submitted the application for moving some water to make way for the ride. The map shows...
  11. GuyWithAStick

    Oaks Amusement Park | Adrenaline Peak | Gerst. Eurofighter

    Oaks Amusement Park in Portland, Oregon has announced that they're getting a Gerstlauer Eurofighter next year! Based on the stats they've given, it appears to be a clone of Hydrus at Casino Pier: But, they're letting the public name the coaster(oh what could possibly go wrong...)! Here's the...
  12. Rolling Thunder

    Best Coaster Color Schemes

    I was rather surprised I couldn't find a thread on this (and if there is and I missed it just delete this) but I thought it might be fun to discuss some of the best color combinations for roller coasters out there. Personally I really think that Cedar Fair rules in this category, there newer...
  13. GuyWithAStick

    How would YOU deal with overcrowded parks?

    (idea taken from another forum) Let's say you're now the Head of Operations of any park you wish. You are confronted with a major problem: Your park is facing serious overcrowding issues. Dispatch times are constantly clocking over 3 minutes a train, lines are spilling into the midways, it's...
  14. Ireeb

    Best darkride coasters

    Hey guys, I was just curious what you think are the best darkride coasters, and maybe learn what darkride coasters there are. I don't really have an opinion, since I only rode one, Eurosat, and I liked it a lot. The combination of darkness, flashy colorful lights and cool music make a pretty...
  15. GuyWithAStick

    Industrial Revolution- Custom B&M Wing

    Not sure why I haven't posted this yet, but I've been working on this for the past 2 years. This is a custom B&M Wing Coaster named 'Industrial Revolution'. The theme is an industrial/construction/pipeline thing(not too sure how to accurately describe it). Anyway, here are some images of the...
  16. GuyWithAStick


    The object of this game is simple- find what the person above you asks for. For example: Person 1: Find me a picture of Rue Royal Clothiers at SFGAm with Power Dive in the background. Person 2: Find me a pic of.... ...and so on and so on. You can go as simple or as crazy as you want. Only...