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How is your tolerance of roughness?


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How rough does a coaster have to be for you to consider it a 'bad' ride? For me it has to be really f*cking rough, I loved Space Mountain and I enjoy Saw, Grand National and Colossus which are also known for being pretty rough. I view all the coasters I ride with optimism, I actually found Dragon Khan quite rough in parts but kept going round for more because it was intense as hell, had the best zero G roll ever and a classic 90s layout. Colossus vibrates like crazy but it feels fast, relentless and the quadruple heartline rolls are so fun.

There are some that take the piss however, Furius Baco is really cool but simply too much due to the train design and Stampida is just trash and will continue to be until they retrack the entire thing.

What are your thoughts? Do you have high standards when riding or are you ok with being beat up a bit?


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really depends on the type of restraint in use if its an over the shoulder restraint then
I have no tolerance. but its a lap bar then I don't notice how rough a coaster is.


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I think I have more tolerance for roughness on wood coasters. A lot of wood coasters people seem to dislike I have found good to tolerable, like the coney island Cyclone.


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I usually have a fairly high tolerance for most coasters in terms of roughness, especially woodies(hence why Voyage and Viper are so high on my list). But if the ride is trying the give me a concussion, then it goes down towards the bottom of my list.


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Voyage gets pretty close to my limit I think. It's a very good ride but it's exhausting.

In the same park, Legend starts to become kind of gross, especially in that helix.

I don't have any problem with Boulder Dash or Beast though (Boulder Dash I can probably understand why it's a lot for others).

Mysterious Sue

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I'd say very high - I like it rough ;p
Now that we've got the obvious pun out if the way, I actually prefer woodies with a bit of roughness to them as I like to be thrown around in my seat. I'm not going to complain if I come off with a couple of bruises. Like cjbrandy, I too, love the roughness of Grand National - that's about the perfect level for me. I also enjoy PBB's Wild Mouse and Big Dipper, Zeus, T'ultimate ect.

Obviously you can go too far. Baco is too much and I'll put myself through it for a couple of goes, but any more than that and you're provoking a headache.

There's also a difference between being thrown around and a sort of rumbly uncomfortable feeling on woodies when they are badly kept. Apocalypse at SFMM, Stampida, Coaster Express are all examples of this.

Roughness of steel is a little less forgiving. Can't stand headbanging on OTSRs but I think most people are pussies about it. A lot of Vekomas have real issues but I've yet to go on a B&M and complain about it being rough. Not really.

I also secretly quite like Steel Eel too but it's a little too much. Think I did manage like 5 goes in a row but that was my lot.

Whiplash is a no no. Tornado and M&Ds and Tornado at Bakken can go away.


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I feel like it changes quite frequently. My biggest issue is with wooden coasters, if they have a vibration stye of roughness it tends to give me a violent headache which is unpleasant.

I tend to be ok with the occasional knock on something like a Vekoma with OSTR, sometimes there's a particular experience that will be woeful (looking at you SLCs!).

Sometimes I can tell that the train is riding the track quite roughly but it's not affecting me in any way, tends to be on like B&M inverts when sitting at the back etc.


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cjbrandy and Sue, when have you last ridden Stampida? I thought it was pretty decent after the re-tracks in the last off-season. Granted, that was the first time I've ridden it, but guessing by people's comments it used to be quite brutal in the past years.
I like rough woodies as well, but stuff like Bandit or Gwazi are borderline acceptable, while Grand National was just brutal for me...

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My tolerance of roughness is to the point where I found SFA's Mind Eraser to be tolerable and the Looping Star at Jolly Roger at the Pier in Ocean City (which was manufactured by Pinfari) to be enjoyable. SFNE's Mind Eraser, however, needs to be burned, and the remains scattered into the Connecticut River by Superman.


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I think mine's quite high. I've ridden some coasters which are apparently notoriously rough like Mean Streak, Gwazi, Wildcat and Anaconda and never thought any of them are that bad.

The only things that come to mind as unpleasantly rough are Volares, Green Lantern at GADV and Hurler at KD. Oh and the Pinfari at Clacton. That thing's brakes actually drew blood.

Mysterious Sue

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TilenB said:
cjbrandy and Sue, when have you last ridden Stampida? I thought it was pretty decent after the re-tracks in the last off-season. Granted, that was the first time I've ridden it, but guessing by people's comments it used to be quite brutal in the past years.
I like rough woodies as well, but stuff like Bandit or Gwazi are borderline acceptable, while Grand National was just brutal for me...

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Yeah I haven't been on it since the re-track so my opinions aren't based on the current ride. Even back then it wasn't brutal just rumbly and crap more than anything else. Zero airtime.


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I like to think I have quite a high tolerance, it really does depend on restraints really. Hard restraints usually make the roughness more noticeable and more likely for me to dislike it.

Woodies I give more leeway to because roughness comes with the territory. I find the Grand National to be quite rough, depending on how it's running on the day, but I'll tolerate it because of it's age and the airtime it provides makes it enjoyable. Stampida and Gwazi were rough but tolerable too. Wild Mouse at PBB beats you up but you expect it with the ride type and ignore it for the airtime and forces. Robin Hood at WH however I really didn't enjoy because although it gave a smoother ride than the others mentioned the hard lap bars made emphasised the roughness a lot. If there's lapbars (decent ones) then it will take something really rough for me to dislike it, especially on steel.

OTSR's with a rough ride I'm less tolerant of. Condor at WH is the worst ride I've been on because the roughness is just emphasised so much with the hard restraints. Usually it's only Vekomas that I find this with due to the rough ride, but the new vest restraints make the Vekoma roughness unnoticeable really.


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I like some rough, like Colossus and Baco. Things like vile wild mouses are too far.

White Cyclone at Nagashima Spa Land is too much rough for me.

So I guess mildly rough is my tolerance.


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I liked limit, a slc... does that say enough

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My roughness tolerance depends on the ride.

For example, I'd happily ride (through gritted teeth) Colossus, Grand Nash, the Ultimate and Baco because they're one of a kind (yes, I know there's are 10 hooper clones) and interesting, fun coasters. Their uniqueness helps me overcome the roughness.

However, rough coasters that are bland, commonplace or dull, such Robin Hood, SLCs, Mean Streak and Volares, the roughness shines through because they don't excite me.


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My recent trip with Nic and Rich highlighted to me that I really don't find roughness much of an issue.
I cant think of any western coaster that I wouldn't happily ride again including Boomerangs and SLC's and enjoy.

The only rides ive ever had an issue with are a couple of Chinese built rides that are probably older than I am anyway.


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Ultimate is one of my favourite coasters so I guess my tolerance is quite high! I also enjoyed Grand National and Wild Mouse too.

However I remember my one lap on Infusion being awful, probably due to OTSRs on that ride. Also Hero at Flamingo Land was quite rough despite me riding it in its opening year.


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Eh, I'm down for riding.

Only two roller coasters have ever come to mind as too rough: The Villain and Son of Beast. Both of these carried roughness that caused simple, physical pain. It turns out having your internal organs violently jolted about isn't a best practice.

Outside of that, I will ride any roller coaster. There are those, such as a rough Vekoma or an Arrow multilooper on a hot day, that will only be a one ride for me.


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Due to my back, I avoid anything rough like the plague. Anything with jolts, vibrations, are simply a no go. I wouldn't ride Ghostrider before the redo, I skipped Thunder Run at KK, as well as Hurler as Carowinds, and Vortex at KI. I'm not going to be in agony afterwards for a +1.

Voyage this year was too intense for me, it fell quite far down my list, and that was near the front. I really hope they fix it up and make it enjoyable again.

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