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Green Lantern First Flight Will Be Retracked|Six Flags Magic Mountain

Matt N

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Seems like a strange decision, as I think Green Lantern was actually the last ZacSpin Intamin ever sold. But I'm sure it'll be good if Six Flags thinks it'll improve the ride experience!

Or maybe as @tomahawk suggested above, a Free Spin is coming to replace it? Would certainly make sense given Six Flags' mood to installing those!


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How can you try to be positive about everything, Matt N?! lol. It's a true skill.

Let's call this for what it is - obviously as soon as they get it up and running again with new track it'll be an 'improved ride experience', it's just marketing speech and that's that.

It's quite amazing to see Insane still running fine with two additional years service, but it just shows the effect that temperature and nearly 365 operating days has.


I wonder whether they could re-track it by putting free spin track on top instead? Keep the layout, or modify it slightly but have new track and new trains. I've not measured but to me the intanin track seems thinner, so putting s&s track either side shouldn't be beyond the realms of possibility.


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This park is such a joke. Maybe they'll get it back open before West Coaster Racers.

I could actually see them trying to correlate this "reopening" or whatever with WCR's. They'd probably seize the opportunity to advertise something like "Two brand new coasters opening later this year!!". Actually, didn't they do that with Green Lantern, Superman backwards, and some kiddy cred? :rolleyes:


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Here's Screamscape's post regarding it:

This info was announced at Coaster Con so it isn't really a rumor, but more of a question of whether they'll follow through with it this time. This is the second time they've steered in a different direction regarding the ride's fate.


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It's just such a weird proposition. Green Lantern is far from a darling of SFMM, more an after-thought squeezed in by the other DC coasters. I am very curious as to how SFMM spins (hah, pun) this, like @Lofty said.