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    Coaster Counting

    Not as painful as I invisioned actually, though i'm not going to make a habit of riding them. Regarding the count, I started doing it like JJLehto described. I dont count racers as 2 because if I only get on one side it would bug me. Dragon Challenge would test that theory for me too.
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    Shocking First Rides

    Skyrush - I expected a lot from it, and it blew my expectations out of the water. With the restraints fixed it may have overtaken Voyage. Voyage - Took my breath away, I did not expect the relentless pace all the way around the ride and so much airtime! Expedition GeForce - Did not expect the...
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    Etnaland Theme Park | The Storm | Mack Megacoaster

    Yeah, it'll probably be just like Hersheypark (and probably many others) where some of the attractions are open to both water and theme park guests. Going back to The Storm I think it looks great. In contrast to Martyn B I think it looks great towards the end, I love the headchoppers on the...
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    Son of Beast to be dismantled for further development.

    Re: Son of Beast to be retracked by GCI? Gutted! Never got to ride it.
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    Best Intamin Coaster?

    Yeah Skyrush. Then a bit of a gap, followed by Toro and Geforce.
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    SF Magic Mountain |"Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom"| Drop Tower

    Re: SF Magic Mountain |"Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom"| Drop Towe +1 I don't think they will TBH, it'll just be for the advertising and such but it does look cool. Although it won't add anything to the onride experience because you wont be able to see the other ride from either one.
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    Do you enjoy greying out?

    I'd never greyed out that much in the past but visiting the states this year it happenned regularly, I presume dehydration and lack of sleep had a lot to do with it. I greyed out in I305 all 15 times (I think I just kept riding to see if I could overcome it) Nitro's helix a couple of times...
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    Worst Coaster you've been on

    Not sure if you posted that due to me mentioning Rock 'n' Rollercoaster, I haven't been to any of the Disney parks, I was referring to this one:
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    Anyone think I305 > M Force?

    I found I305 to be re-ridable, I managed 15 rides on it, but i'm not sure why I bothered because it's really not a great ride. The twist's wern't as harsh as I thought they would be, but the first drop wasn't as impressive as I hoped (that could just be how I perceived it as it was the 10th park...
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    Worst Coaster you've been on

    The worst were: The Ultimate - Lightwater Valley, El Condor - Walibi World, Anaconda - Kings Dominion, Cedar Creek Mine Ride - Cedar Point, Rockin Roller Coaster - Bottons. Not quite as bad but still very poor: Robin Hood - Walibi World, Hurler - Kings Dominion, Roar - SFA, Thunderhawk -...
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    What is the Best Intamin Launch Coaster

    1. TTD 2. Maverick 3. Stealth 4. Storm Runner 5. Wicked Twister 6. Kingda Ka 7. Rita 8. Desert Race 9. Posessed 10. Vertical Velocity
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    Top 10 steel coasters that aren't B&M or Intamin

    Mine would probably be: 1: Phantom's Revenge - Arrow/Morgan 2: Blue Fire - Mack 3: Steel Force - Morgan 4: Verbolten - Zierer 5: Saw: the Ride - Gerstlauer 6: Bobbahn (Heide Park) - Mack 7: Magnum XL 200 - Arrow 8: The Big One - Arrow 9: Jubilee Oddyssey - Vekoma 10: Sky Rocket - Premier Others...
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    What's the Best B&M Floorless Coaster

    I also rank them like Andrus and madhjsp. I found that (like Hixee said) one car on Hydra rattled whereas the other didn't. It's not intense by any means, but I love how the layout makes the most of the terrain and provides plenty of negative G's. The Jojo roll is cool just because it's unique...