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Weird, Wacky & Strange Coaster Bits


Digging through TripAdvisor images of the hotel I can't find any evidence of it running, but the bobs do seem to switch positions between photos so someone has to be pushing them around at least.


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Again not a coaster but a good place to chuck this as any

Posted by Roller Coaster Dream here is a video of Flying Kiss at Wulong Baima Mountain in Chongqing, China.
Essentially 2 small flying island type rides designed in quite a cool artistic way to make a kissing sculpture when fully extended.

heres a few more photos ive dug up.
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Cool find, though the music in that Tik Tok video doesn't really inspire much confidence in the design. 😉


That's actually a really fascinating contraption. I guess the air-as-brakes concepts is effective, although I'd worry about flaws in the metal tube at the bottom and it failing somehow.
100mph too is pretty crazy - I don't think a drop tower has beaten that since...


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A water slide is sort of like a coaster, isn't it? In that it ... umm, okay, it's not a coaster.

But this thing is weird, wacky, strange, and above all terrifying. Credit to @kimahri for finding the video.

What is this, you say? It's a water slide with a twist... an underwater slide, that used to be in the waterpark at Duinrell. The pipe is full of water. It apparently uses the "Communicating vessels" principle to stay full of water at all times. There is a height difference between the two pools, and there must be some flow through the pipe, although not a very fast one given the pipe's diameter and the amount of water required. It could apparently be emptied in seconds in case of an emergency, which happened quite often. No wonder the slide isn't there anymore.


The future is here 😮. The robotic arm segment looks a bit basic but what an amazing feat.
Would love to see an evolution of this, where the arm can move the train around and then position it into a vertical or near-vertical drop like a tilt coaster.
So much scope for this!


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This ride opened in 2017 😂 i always thought it had just a drop track rather than a robot arm. its cool to see though.
I guess as the ride is in Harbin (Sunac Harbin (ex Wanda harbing) if you're interested) and is so far away from anywhere else its never got an enthusiast on it yet to notice the robot arm thing.