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Something a bit different that isnt about a weird coaster but more a weird Ferris Wheel. This is Xingang International City Playground now open in Xuancheng, China. The park does includes a small Jungle Mouse to keep us coaster enthusasts vaguely interested.

Weird Ferris China.jpg Weird Ferris China.3jpg.jpg Weird Ferris China.4jpg.jpg Weird Ferris China.2jpg.jpg


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What an amazing design for an observation wheel tho! Damn.
I could see them doing this at the Grand Canyon and charging people £50 for a go and not allowing them to take photos :emoji_grin:


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It could have looked so majestic in white, or in Silver or even black, but nooo. They made it blue and yellow and red and now it looks like an ugly toy.


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This is a really interesting design from Golden Horse.
A shared lift hill Sitdown vs Inverted dueling coaster. I have my suspisions this ride may pop up sooner rather than later at Oriental Neverland in Shaoxing but we shall see.
The ride has been shown on video screens at some Asian Expos which is where the 2nd image comes from.

54398054_580817209062552_6688381797866143744_n.jpg 54516688_248143172805828_6767878442764468224_n.jpg


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I'd love to know how they think they'll get one of those huge B&M hyper trains through some of those elements!


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Not sure where to put this so this will do

An interesting Japanese tidbit I had no idea about. As the first two pictures here shows the well known Gao Jet Coaster at Mitsui Greenland opened with a radically different layout including a loop.

Unsure when the layout changed but the 2007 date in the images is a red herring. At some point the loop was removed and a much longer layout was added including the now iconic giant dinosaur hill seen here.


It seems all that was left of the original ride is the lift and first drop, possibly part of the high helix which now the ride uses in the opposite direction and the very final brakes, turn, station


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Speaking of Gao, on RCDB there are photos of the coaster with sections missing dated around early 2015, with no context given.

Anyone here knows the story behind that?
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