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For an upcharge you can sit at the captain's table, and enjoy extra dinner courses seated at a prime location right in the center of the room. Leave it to Disney. "Pay EVEN MORE money to be the MOST special, MOST exclusive rich person at our very special and exclusive immersive experience."


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Yes, but the people who want that type of BS, are gonna be allllllllll for it. Soooooo if it's not for you, let it be, and if you wanna dump a load of money for something meaningless to most, again, go for it.

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There's already a full itinerary posted and it's a bit of a joke, the first day you arrive in the afternoon, second day is packed with what seems like no wiggle room to just enjoy the space you're in and then the third day finishes after breakfast.
I made a chart of the itinerary, and will be discussing it:
Day One
Screenshot 2021-10-30 at 21-57-29 Untitled spreadsheet.png
Let's start. You arrive at 1:00 pm. That is LUDICROUSLY late. After you arrive, you can explore the ship and take note of your surroundings. This lasts until 3:30 pm, at which point sabacc lessons occur. These MAY be optional. Afterwards, you gather at the muster stations for a whopping hour and a half, and "receive the captain". Dinner is held until 7:00 pm, which leads us into...
Screenshot 2021-10-30 at 22-02-09 Untitled spreadsheet.png
You immediately go into something called the Outer Rim Regalia, which may be a show. Judging by the wording, this is probably optional. At 7:30 pm, you receive your first Story Moment: Join a smuggling ring, or help the Resistance. Afterwards, Bridge Training and Atrium Entertainment (possibly optional) occurs until 8:45, after which you pack it in.
Day Two
Screenshot 2021-10-30 at 22-06-13 Untitled spreadsheet.png
The day begins at 7:00 am with an hour long breakfast. At 8:00 am, you apparently HAVE to go to Galaxy's Edge, and immediately afterwards you get slammed into Rise of the Resistance for an hour. Also, it's apparently unreliable, so good luck with that. Afterwards, story moment 2 occurs: Strike a deal, or commit grand theft spaceship? Then, with no wiggle room at all, BOOM, right onto Smuggler's Run with ye. That lasts until 10:30, at which point you eat lunch: either at Galaxy's Edge, or at the hotel, you decide. Depending on how fast you eat, the Free Time could start anywhere from 11:30 to 10:45. Ahhh, sweet free time!
Screenshot 2021-10-30 at 22-10-09 Untitled spreadsheet.png
Lightsaber training starts at 1:00, lasting for half an hour. Afterwards, an hour and a half long droid racing competition is held, where "you’ll have to dart over to build a model ship". Afterwards, more sweet free time. A Sabacc Tournament occurs afterwards: an hour long, but seems to be optional. Then you get to drink stuff at the Sublight Lounge, which is also apparently optional. Afterwords, "Taste Around the Galaxy" dinner occurs.
Screenshot 2021-10-30 at 22-17-09 Untitled spreadsheet.png
Taste Around the Galaxy ends at 7:00, at which point you go into the final Story Moment, which is nearly TWO HOURS LONG! Either you do a heist or store the ship you may have stolen earlier. Afterwards, you FINALLY have more free time, from 8:45 all the way to 10:00. At that time, there is a finale show, after which you go to bed.
"There’s a lot of ground to cover." indeed.
Day Three
Screenshot 2021-10-30 at 22-20-51 Untitled spreadsheet.png

All lukewarm things have to come to an end eventually, and in this place's case, it ends after a 2 and a half hour long breakfast. After that, you board the shuttle and depart at 9:30, arriving at Galaxy's Edge once more at 10:00.

Yeah. Not great. You only have at the very least 3 hours 45 minutes of free time the entire stay, all of which is on Day Two. But hey, most of the free time is in rather large segments! Except, the last one is very very late.
And you better pray Rise of the Resistance hasn't done busted itself when ya go.
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Not yet watched but looking forward to it:

Speaking as an out-of-work, former semi-professional stage actor (aka take with a grain of salt, but it's pretty obvious if you're paying attention), they're nervous.

They were either read the riot act and told that everything had to be perfect for the press, or they started rehearsing for this event fairly recently. That being said, it looks fine. I'll leave the other opinions to Star Wars fans because I'm not the target audience. Definitely a unique experience (but holy hell, that's a lot of money for that.)


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Some of the make-up and sets are pretty amazing but interaction with actors…. nonoooooonononononono *cringe* I really should have remembered this was a ‘big sell’. It felt like ‘networking’.

When the actress said “Who’s excited for hyperspace?”, Mrs. Nitefly boo’d the TV.

Edit: Oh my god when they try and solve the puzzle…. that was a painful watch.
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How much is a night at this thing again? 😂

There's some pretty cool parts such as the 'restaurant', lightsabre training and bridge but you can tell it's a media day there - some of the interactions came across quite forced? Bet it'll be a massive hit with the younger ones however!