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Walibi Holland | Untamed | RMC Robin Hood Conversion

Yoris Kerkhoff

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The newest making of!

Not much new was revealed but:
-some cool shots of the ride and the queue (with old Robin Hood parts as part of the theming), inside of the station also looks fab
-irl train reveal
-next episode will be kind of a q&a, answering questions from the comment section
-Scott asked about height requirements but those are currently unknown because of unknown g-forces
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gotta admit, the trains in reality look much better then they did in that graphic. props for making a ****ing fly look cool.


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Images by Scott Bravenboer:-
By the looks of thinks, there will be a large ejector airtime hill just before the Steel Vengeance-esque outer-banked hill, and the last portion of the coaster before the final inversion will take place inside the structure of the 270 dics, also shown by this awesome video by zerogreviews:-
And finally, here's an updated NL2 video by jeroen tol, which shows how the layout of coaster will likely be from what we now know and have seen:-


some pics worth checking by Laurens Van Heerde on Twitter:

looks like track installation is picking up speed a little now