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Walibi Holland | Untamed | RMC Robin Hood Conversion


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Found on Coaster Bot Discord:-

OK now this photo is definitely background worthy.

Also, lift chain is in place:-

More photos from Looopings.
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I see that Walibi Holland has a single rider queue for four other rides on park. I’m hoping there’s one for Untamed. Fingers crossed.


Can't wait for this, it looks incredible. I think it's a good park (with Xpress the smoothest Vekoma I've been on), but Goliath didn't quite live up to its great reputation for me - it's very good but a few dead spots, and I really enjoyed Lost Gravity but a bit rattly. I think Untamed will really round out the park's lineup and looks to have some sensational elements, and again as many have said it's great to have an RMC so close to so many of us!