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Walibi Holland | Untamed | RMC Robin Hood Conversion


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I don't think the ride needs this, but why not? RMCs are still very scarce in Europe.


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The Walibi parks are doing an excellent job of putting themselves fully on the map for the next few years, though I hope they can improve their atmosphere and general feeling in the park as well as the ride line-ups.
I remember Robin Hood being distinctly 'meh' and didn't even bother with it when I visited last year, so this is an RMC project I'm not going to be cynical about :)

Flying Pilot

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The park's facebook basically just coming out and saying its RMC.
Thats how to handle PR ; just splurge it all out there from the very start - no messing about. :)

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(screen shot taken just in case they take it all down!)
You dont have to make screenshots, they confimed it: https://www.looopings.nl/weblog/949...n-Hood-door-hypermoderne-houten-achtbaan.html
Also on twitter they confirmed it. Its RMC Hybrid and that is all we know. Oh, and it opens ofcourse not in 2018 but in 2019.

Mysterious Sue

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Yes, yes, yes! Robin Hood was so boring, this is the perfect thing to RMC. Plus, it'll help to rejuvenate the park. It's not that far from Calais. Everything is good :)


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The NL parks (because they aren't owned by the same company) trying to one-up each other year-on-year and keep the punters flowing in (esp. with Phantasia on their doorstep as well). :)

Meanwhile Merlin... :(


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Well that was unexpected! After all the rumours and (ugh) Looopings.nl's claims I really thought it was going to be a Free Spin.
Very excited for a RMC a bit closer to home.

Also 2019 is already shaping up well with RMC Robin Hood, F.L.Y. at Phantasia and Colossos reopening at Heide!


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Very exciting news for the park! Looking forward to see what sort of layout they come up with.

Also 2019 is already shaping up well with RMC Robin Hood, F.L.Y. at Phantasia and Colossos reopening at Heide!
Don't forget about the Mack Big Dipper in Plohn and Gerst Infinity in Walibi Rhone-Alpes.


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Well it's not quite on the doorstep, but they're definitely getting closer. Which is a good thing. Yay Walibi :)